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Valette Aclynn has a secret that she’s never shared with anyone—she can read minds. After her parents mysteriously go missing, she is welcomed into her distant cousin’s home and entered into the most prestigious academy. Desperate to find answers and making new friends, she discovers a whole new world that she’d never known to exist as she pushes through the new dangers that surround her. COPYRIGHT @ Katrine AMS Guirguis 2023

Aventure Tout public. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under copyright. Any unauthorized reprint/use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be transmitted/reproduced in any form. Copyright 2023-© Katrine AMS Guirguis.

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Konzal Academy

I sigh as I walk through the double doors of the new academy as I straighten my uniform. Lost in my thoughts, I bump into someone, dropping all of her books.

"I'm so sorry!" I help her pick them up, accidentlaly touching her hand in the process.

Great...already bumping into strangers ugh! Can't wait to be out of here--

I roll my eyes as the girl's vivid thoughts seeps through my head and she rudely stalks off. I head towards the office and ask for my schedule.

"Here you go, miss Aclynn." The lady at the front desk smiles as she hands me my schedule. I smile back.

My cousin was generous enough to adopt me into her home with her family here in Georgia after my parents went missing for over a year and insisted in getting me into Konzal Academy--the most prestigious academy/highschool in the whole region. I was determined to get my life back together and show my cousin that she wouldn't regret her choice.

I make my way towards my locker as I unpack my bag.

"Excuse me." Someone taps my shoulder. "Do you happen to know where room 135 is?" The stranger asks in a deep accent. He had a deep tan that was in contrast with his green eyes and dark hair. He was also a couple of inches taller with broad shoulders like a Quarterback, giving off a musterious aura.

"Sorry, I don't...are you new here too?" I ask, glancing at my schedule.

"Nah. Just haven't been here for a while. I moved away sophmore year, but I'm back this year."

"It seems that I have the same class. I guess we can look for it." He nods and we wander through the crowded halls together as the bell rings.

"I'm Valette by the way."

"Ivan." We dodge another student as we finally make it to our first class and find empty seats.

"Welcome, eleventh grade--and tenth grader--" The teacher glances at me. "We are beginning another wonderful school year here at Konzal Academy. I am Mr. Finn, your Historical Significance teacher for the year." He introduces Ivan and I to the class--which was drop-dead silent--and goes on about all of the usual rules and heaps of papers to sign.

"I hope you all have a great first day." Mr. Finn calls after us as the second period bell rings.

"Well, this should be interesting." I muttered. Ivan glances at me questioningly.

"My distant cousin's sons are in my next class. One of them is not exactly thrilled by me living with them..." He chuckles.

"Well I have Psyc next. Good luck with your relatives." He winks. I roll my eyes, walking to my next class--Oceonology. I enter the class, mentally groaning as I find the only open seat next to Cass, who glares daggers at me.I sit down next to him, avoiding his gaze. I feel a tap on my back.

“Hey.” I turn around to see a pretty blonde smiling at me. “Are you new here?” She whispers.

"Yeah, I am."

“I’m Lana.” She shakes my hand. “Do you want to be lab parters? I don’t have any of my friends in this class…”

“Yeah…that would actually be great.” I smiled back. She stared at me with wide eyes. I furrowed my brows, confused.

“Did you…I didn’t say that out loud.” She says, still in shock. “Did you just read my mind?” I cleared my throat and turned back around as the teacher saves me from answering. Our teacher was a tall blond who looked like she was in her thirties with a tight ponytail.

"Hello class. I will be your Oceanology teacher, Ms. Vlair. As some of you might know, I'm new here. I have had a wonderful teaching career so far at my homeland North Carolina and I love teaching this subject as I'd always strived to be a marine scientist. Now that you know a little bit about me, I would like to know something about each of you." As everyone stood up to say something about themselves when she called our name to take attendance, she locked eyes with me, looking startled--evenfearful. I shook my head as I looked back and she was taking notes at her desk.

As the long hour and a half finally passes, I am the first one out the door when the bell rings.

"Hey, Valette!" I turn around to see Victor, the other brother.

"Hey." I say as I put my stuff in my locker.

"I'm sorry for how Cass has been acting...he just hasn't adjusted yet. Anyway, I came to ask you if you needed a place to sit at lunch."

"You don't have to apologize for Cass. And thanks for the offer, but I'll probably head to the library anyway."

"Alright, see you later, Val." He smiles, walking away. I walk around until I find the library--which was huge--and gape at all of the genres it had.

"I know--it's amazing, right?" I turn to see Ivan beside me.

"It 's certainly not your ordinary library..." I turn around. "Do you normally hang out in the library during lunch too?"

"Nope. I normally sat outside before, but I figured I would check out the new library earlier--it wasn't here Freshman year. Once I saw how amazing it was, I knew I had to come here during lunch."

"Aha, so you're a psycho-book-addict too...I'm not the only one!"

"I guess that's one way to put it." He chuckles. We walk through the many shelves in awe at how organized it was.

"So, how was Oceanology?" He asks.

"Definitely weird." I say. "Our teacher seemed nice enough at first, but she kept looking at me weirdly, like she was confused."

"Huh. Maybe you just weren't on her attendance list since you're new." We walk around some more as we come to the end of the library. "We still have lots of time before lunch is over...do you want to go outside?"

"Sure." As we walk on the school grounds, a group of four Juniors make their way to us.

"Ivan! Hey, man, we haven't seen you in like forever." They do their weird guy handshake-hug thing.

"Who's this?" One of them asks, noticing me.

"This is--"

"Valette Aclynn." I say. "I'm new here."

"Well, welcome to Konzal Academy, Valette." They introduce themselves and leave to watch the ping pong match at the gym.

"You know, I am never going to remember who was which." I say. Ivan laughs.

"It's fine I don't think they expect you to anyway." We sit in comfortable silence, watching the clouds pass by until the next period bell rings.

"We should probably head back." I say.

"Yeah." As we move through the crowded hallway after making it to our lockers, I drop a book. Ivan picks it up.

"Thanks." I smile.

"No problem. See you in fourth period...I have my science class now." He salutes me as he walks away. I sigh, shaking my head. Only later did I realize that when I touched his hand, I didn't hear any of Ivan's thoughts. His mind felt blank.

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