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This is a Doctor Who fan fiction story first written as an entry in the Big Finish Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip In 2017, a community of fans formed a writing collective called Divergent Wordsmiths. We published an anthology of other stories written for the competition called: Paul Spragg ReCollections. This story is called The Phoenix and features Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor. I created a new character called Margaret Fieldhouse, who I thought might be played by Penelope Keith! This story is free to read and always will be. Hope you enjoy it and check out the Wordsmith’s other stories if you’re a Doctor Who fan on their website. Written by A F J Kernow Edited by Alan Camlann Front Cover Illustration created using Canva By Antony Kernow Divergent Wordsmiths 2020 a Doctor Who writing community at This is a non-profit fan project and not intended to infringe or query any copyright belonging to the BBC and/or its associated parties. The moral rights of the authors have been asserted. Doctor Who series is a BBC property. © British Broadcasting Corporation 1963 All characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Fanfiction Série/ Doramas/Opéras de savon Tout public. © Doctor Who is Copyright BBC 1963 The Phoenix is copyright of AFJ Kernow 2016 Editor: Alan Camlann

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“I’m here."

The Doctor nervously entered a side ward where a middle-aged woman lay peacefully in bed. Head wounds were always difficult. They created as much smoke as they did fire in their Grand Guignol of grotesquery. They had cleaned her injuries well, one of the nurses may even have combed her hair.

Only the constant beeping of monitors disturbed the stillness.

"Oh, what a mess," he murmured as he sat down. "Why do I always let humans get caught in the middle of my battles?"

He looked at her round face, framed with greying brown hair. Below her tafelshrew nose, her small mouth, usually firing verbal barbs in strident tones, was silent. Her doctors told him that she was in a coma following the accident. They suggested a familiar voice might help bring her back from the indifferent arms of Morpheus.

Despite protesting that a family member would work better, the Doctor had discovered that her husband was away on business, whilst her children lived abroad. He was the only one. A veritable Don Quixote. A stranger.

Keeping such unworthy thoughts to himself, he addressed her like a jolly uncle who is trying to liven up the post-Christmas dinner torpor with another tall tale.

"It seems I'm your best hope for recovery. A familiar voice… a familiar tale? Yes, I think we’ll start there..."

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