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(NOTE: Please read Cat's Life: Thin's Ability first!) Wave's a shy and akward cat. Too shy. He wants to change that. But how? He's been shy and akward and POSSIBLY a little bit self-conscious his entire life. When he becomes the leader's mate, he feels so relieved but it doesn't boost his confidence. So if that won't do it... What will?

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Thicket Group:

Thin-moon/Thin: brown tabby cat with black stripes and a thin tail, female, truly horrible nickname

Wave-stripe/Wave: light brown almost cream colored cat with gold stripes and blue-gray on his right wrist and at the base of his tail, he also has a dark brown underbelly, male

Storm-cloud/Storm: black cat with white underbelly and stripes, male, half-blind, Novaflower's mate

Cloud-feather/Cloud: white cat with gray and light gray dapples, male

Chestnut-leaf/Chestnut: orange-brown cat with white stripes, female

White-heart/White: white cat with black stipes and a black splotch on her right eye, black heart on her chest, female

Pine: brown-red cat with black stripes, male

Gold-stripe/Gold: black cat with gold stripes, male, half-blind

Maple: golden-brown cat with blue stripes on her legs and gold stripes everywhere else, female

Storm-flight/Storm/Silver: young gray cat with a blue-gray cover and gray stripes and blue-gray dapples, male

Blue: a black cat with cream stripes and dark blue underbelly, female

Cream-splotch/Cream: A white cat with a cream splotch on her sides, female

Berry: A red colored cat with black stripes, male

Cresent-moon/Cresent: all white cat with a black cresent on her chest, female

Spot-snow: all-white, fluffy cat with black dapple, male

Maple-leaf/Fallen: all-light brown cat with golden stripes, female


Thin-moon: Leader

Cloud: Fighted

Wave: Fighter

Chestnut: Healer

Storm: Fighter

Silver: Fighter

White-heart: Co-leader

Gold: Fighter

Maple: Fighter

Pine: Fighter

Blue: Fighter

Berry: Healer in training

Cream: Fighter in training

Cresent: Fighter in training

Home: A thicket behind a wheelhome.

The Pine: A huge pine tree, border of Stream Group and Thicket Group.

Oak log: A fallen oak tree that has slowly decayed into the size of a log.

Stream Group:

Fade-moon: cat who fades from black at her head to white at her paws and the other way around on her stripes, female

Dark-fur/Dark: dark brown with dark brown spot of fur on his neck, off-white underbelly, male

River-fur/River: blue-gray cat with white stripes and golden eyes, male

Acorn-paw/Acorn: a red-brown cat with different shades of orange dapples and one indigo eye, one blue eye, female


Fade-moon: Leader

Dark: Fighter

River-fur: Co-leader

Acorn: Fighter

Home: a bunch of bushes with a pond in the middle. Right next to the stream.

The stream: a stream, border of Stream Group and Clear Group.

The Pine: A huge pine tree, border of Stream Group and Thicket Group.

Clear Group:

Wind-moon: A light gray tabby with white stripes, male

Orange-heart/Orange: an orange tabby with an orange heart on her side, black stripes


Wind-moon: Leader

Orange-heart: Co-leader

Home: a large tree that has leaves covering the camp. The tree is the center and the only tree in the plains.

The stream: a stream, border of Stream Group and Clear Group.

Other cats:

Cream: cream colored cat with brown stripes, female

Caramel: cream colored cat with black stripes, male

Redwood: a red cat with darker red and dark orange-yellow dapples, female

Orangedream: a orange cat with light orange markings and a black spot around both eyes, Branchfall's mate, female

Branchfall: a red-brown cat with gold stripes and black spots on both eyes, Orangedream's mate, male

Novaflower: cream colored cat with orange stripes and orange underbelly, Storm's mate, female



Healer: A cat that knows how to help injured or sick cats and the right plants to give them.

Fighter: A cat who can fight and hunt

Trainer: A fighter or healer traing a young cat to be of the same role

Fighter/Healer in training: a cat training to be the same role as their trainer

Kitties: house cats


Wheel-home: trailer

Healing hole: The healer's home, bigger than most holes to hold multiple cats if they're injured, sick, or just visiting

Holes: A hole in the ground that the cats live in.


Healing plants: Specific plants that help healers heal injured or sick cats

Cat-lengths: The length of a normal sized cat.

Moon cycle: A full moon-cycle or a month, from the new moon to the next new moon

(NOTE: This will update as the story goes)

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