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When a reported get chosen to report a 97 year old case her life changes

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A girl woke up tied to a chair her hair wet from falling in the sewers She had been chased by a mysterious figure and had fallen into a sewer grate while trying to escape. When she came to, she found herself tied to a chair with her hair still damp from the fall.

"Where am I," she thought to herself as she looked but it was so dark she couldn't see She felt something cold and slimy on her skin and as she tried to move, she realized that her arms and legs were bound tightly to the chair. She realized that she was in some dungeon and the mysterious figure must have been the one who had tied her up.

"Someone help" The girl tried to get out but only to realize that wouldn't work She looked around and noticed the walls were made of thick stone, the door was locked, and there was no window to escape from. It was then that she knew she was stuck and had to find another way to get out.

The girl had brown hair that was damp she was wearing a dress with some cowboy boots she had blue eyes that would shine. She felt a sense of panic as she assessed the situation, realizing she was trapped and could not escape. She began to search desperately for a solution, examining the walls, door, and windows for any potential weaknesses that she could exploit. Nonetheless, her efforts were futile, and the girl was left to contemplate her next move, feeling a sense of helplessness and despair.

"Someone helps me Im tied to a chair and I don't how I got there but I remember getting chased by someone" She felt a sense of urgency as she frantically searched for something, anything, that would help her escape the chair and She examined the door and windows, hoping that one of them would be unlocked or have some sort of weakness that she could exploit. Unfortunately, her efforts were unsuccessful, leaving her with a feeling of helplessness and despair as she contemplated her next move.

"Someone help me," Another girl said in a different langue that Mackenzie Collins couldn't understand Mackenzie had exhausted all options, and the language barrier was an added obstacle that prevented her from finding assistance in her current predicament. She was feeling quite helpless and desperate and had no idea how to proceed.

"Who the hell was that?" Mackenzie replied to the noise she heard as she tried to get out of the chair she was tied to She was completely disoriented and confused, not knowing what to do or who had kidnapped her. Fear and panic began to rise in her chest as she realized the severity of the situation she was in.

"He's going to get you next," The girl said. Her heart raced as she processed the girl's words. She had to get out of there before the man returned. She felt trapped and hopeless, and her fear was palpable.

"Who is he?" Mackenzie asked as she fell into her tied chair, now completely wrapped in her broken Japanese.

"My father," The girl said, her voice shaking as she attempted to free herself from the tight knot. Mackenzie's eyes widened in shock as the realization that she was talking to her captor struck her.

"Who are you?" Mackenzie finally ask struggling to get out of the chair She had been tied up and held captive for hours, and the girl's sudden mention of her father sent a chill down her spine. Could it be possible that this person had known her father? She was determined to find out, and so, despite her fear, she mustered the courage to ask the question.

"My name is Sakura Rengouko"

Mackenzie finally realizes one thing she talking to the dead Sakura Rengouko that was killed in 1924.......

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