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Be present. I've been thinking about it a lot.

I observe that my body acts in the physical space and reveals itself to other eyes as an undeniable material entity. My presence seems undeniable.

However, my body is not a table, a sofa or a wall. It is the enclosure of vital energy, of my divine essence -- the eternal soul --, and of my temporal consciousness, restricted, governed by a complex ego, hostage of subconscious contents, basically fragile, although it proclaims its sovereignty and defends, with nails and teeth, his primacy.

This ego controls my idiosyncrasy, the preferred focus of attention, what I understand that I perceive. More: it allows emotions -- all primitive ones -- to bathe what I call reason, generally, logical reasoning. (Ah! My banal certainties and opinions!)

This ego, involved in the role of the protagonist, does not stop imposing itself, meddling in all situations, bringing to itself, in its unacknowledged megalomania, the alleged importance of being very special, considering itself the center of the universe.

And therein lies the problem. In the course of life, in front of the Other, like a vain dandy, he tends to pay attention to his attire and ridiculous cabotinage, hiding his rags and deep frivolity from himself.

In the environments where he goes, invisible, he struts. Absorbed, grappling with his illusory excellence, he does not see, does not hear, does not identify the Other (also immersed in intrinsic fatuity).

It is a body in front of another body. Both are substantially absent.

I want and seek to be present, open to the possibilities of understanding differences, of full understanding, of multiple exchanges, of sincere acceptance of the Other. I am sure that this is not impossible, as long as I assume myself as a mere human animal --transitory, fallible, common... Above all, no more than a small crucible where, subtly and silently, the immeasurable divine abundance contained in the my soul.

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