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“U-uh wha- T-Taehyungie hyung, what are you doing here, wh-a.” Taehyung smirks when Jungkook seems to wake up from his deep slumber, sleep-muddled brain still figuring out the situation as he pistons his shaft inside his half-sleepy mate pulling out breathless moans from him. ♡ In Jungkook's pack, it's tradition for alphas to fuck the omega they want during their sleep, leaving them claimed by their cum. It happens to Jungkook over and over and he is unable to know who is putting the claim on him. Until one night, he wakes up during sex.

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In Your Dreams (I'll Fill You Up)

Jungkook groans, waking up to the morning sunlight piercing his eyes. He whines when he feels the pain in his lower region and as expected someone again had left him full of his cum. It’s a tradition in their pack where an alpha fucks the omega they want in their sleep and claim the omega with their cum on them. He looks down at his pussy, red hot leaking of the slimy white substance dripping down his core he doesn’t know the owner of.

Jungkook had been waking up to someone’s cum all over him and a sore pussy. He’s sensitive throughout the day because the alpha who fucked him in his sleep had been too rough; Jungkook gets wet just thinking about him sleeping soundly and some unknown alpha coming into his cave sneakily, stripping his cunt bare, and fucking him full of his knot.

Jungkook clenches his thighs, rubbing them together to alleviate the ache between them, his essence tingling at the mere thought. While sitting in the dark cave with other naked pack members doing their own work, Jungkook's crevice was heavy with some unknown man's seeds, which were leaking out of his flower if Jungkook didn't clench hard enough.

He bites his lips to distract himself. When nothing seems to work he storms off the cave hurriedly, no one paying attention to the omega except for a dark pair of eyes fixated on his from the moment he enters the dining room, glaring at the cum dripping down his naked thighs, swollen pussy out and about for everyone to see how freshly fucked he looks, and how nice his alpha fucked him in his sleep.

When the night comes, Jungkook goes back to his cave, after eating dinner near the fire with the whole pack, it was starting to get a little warm outside so the coolness of his cave seemed better. Everyone prefers sleeping in their wolf form since it’s safer, but omegas like to sleep in their human form, naked all exposed for their alphas to claim them in their sleep.

Lost in his dreams, oblivious to a wolf prowling inside his cave, Jungkook sleeps soundly on the rock, and a plush bear hide is thrown over it making it comfy to sleep on. The wolf growls when he sees his mate’s pussy bare and exposed in the cold air, twitching from sensitiveness.

He leans forwards, sniffing it before purring, smelling just like his mate . That’s what he wants, for Jungkook to smell like him.

His tongue darts to first lick at the sweet essence of his omega, growling when the slick starts gushing out almost automatically as if recognizing its owner, the pussy gets wetter each passing second as the wolf’s breath fans over it, making it twitch from the sensitiveness.

The short licks from the rough tongue make Jungkook whimper in his sleep, in turn, which makes Taehyung purr in satisfaction, pleased to know that he can pleasure Jungkook even in his sleep.

Jungkook unconsciously spread his thighs even more, making the wolf growl before it dives into his meal, licking over it with broad bold swipes, the tiny clit peeking between the puffy pussy lips calling for his attention, the wolf doesn’t miss an inch of his pussy, wetting it with his dirty slobber all over the pussy. Licking his precious cunt with his dirty tongue. His filthy saliva was all over and inside him.

His fluttering entrance winks at him, making him growl before pushing his tongue inside. His muzzle pushed harder against his pussy, wet snout rubbing against the tiny clit harshly making his mate moan in his sleep.

The wolf licked the sweet nectar of his mate, purring at the heavenly taste before plunging his tongue inside deeper, the velvety insides squeezing his tongue nicely making him lick up into it more and more.

The big tongue moves in and out of his mate’s pussy easily with all the saliva and slick, the thick tongue bumping against the soft tissues of his gspot as his canines touch the trembling clit, making his thighs shake.

The wolf licks his sweet spot in short quick licks furiously when Jungkook mewls in his sleep, little moans leaving his lips when the tongue pushes against his gspot furiously, licking with an animalistic hunger sitting inside him deep from long ago.

Jungkook’s thighs start shaking and the wolf notes it as the start of his first orgasm. He pulls his tongue out before licking over his twitching cunt furiously, tongue swiping against the tiny bud in a rough manner making it tremble, abusing the clit without any care even when Jungkook whines in his sleep. Licking over it in short furious licks a few times making Jungkook teary a little then leaving broad licks all over the swollen core, thick lips hiding the tiny bud.

A few swipes of his rough tongue boldly over his mate’s cunt and he’s squirting right into the wolf’s mouth, who purrs before licking over the abused pussy repeatedly to not waste a single drop of his sweet nectar, swiping his tongue all over his pussy, ass cheeks, and thighs, licking every drop of the sweet cum. His pretty mate was all spread out, whining with shaking thighs because the wolf wouldn’t stop licking over his pussy lazily, just because he likes seeing his mate fall apart just by his tongue.

A few swipes more of his tongue before the wolf turns aggressive and licks between his legs without any care in the world, tongue aggressive all over and inside him, the poor clit assaulted mercilessly until his mate’s pussy is crying and squirting with Jungkook whining loud in his throat deep in his sleep. His thighs are shaking and trembling from oversensitiveness because of two consecutive orgasms, pussy abused to its wits by the wild wolf none other than his own mate, staking claim over him in the middle of the night for the last few days.

The wolf shifts into a human form, a body well built with firm muscles, sharp eyes, a straight nose, and thick brows. A handsome man who would rival the beauty of the most enticing creatures.

The man steps forwards, looking at the twitching red pussy of his mate he tongued and teased not seconds ago just like the past few nights, his palm lay flat on the shivering cunt rubbing it up and down to soothe the aftermath of orgasm, making his mate sigh in his sleep.

A smile curls on his lips which soon turns evil when two of his fingers breach inside the entrance, all warm and soft after being tongued by his big wolfy tongue. He scissors him a bit deeming him stretched enough for his cock he rips his fingers out, raising a brow with a smirk when he hears a part whine from his sleeping mate.

So precious.

He gives a few tugs to his half-hard cock, smearing the precum on the head with a hiss. After fucking his fist for a few seconds while groaning, he glides his shaft up and down the wet slit of his mate. The core gushing out slick like a waterfall coating his girth nicely.

The man breathes heavily, looking down at the spread-out essence in front of him. All for him.

He rubs his crown on the wet clit a few times, making his mate's hips twitch before he glides his erection inside in one swift motion. groaning at the warm heat surrounding him, the insides scorchingly hot making his dick get suffocated in the best way possible.

The man groans, pulling out till only the tip is in before pushing back in strongly, his mate unconscious and whimpering underneath him. Taehyung places his palm on top of Jungkook’s stomach, and pushes on it making his mate whine, he fucks his length inside him slowly, closing his eyes and feeling how his member moves inside his mate, and how deep he’s inside him.

The man grips Jungkook’s ankles, placing them on his shoulders while his palm grips the thighs, encasing in a bruising hold while his hips move in a rhythm, siding his stiff bulge out before burying it inside his mate’s cunt again. Guttural moans leave his lips when he feels his mate clenching around him, swallowing his arousal eagerly.

His pace picks up speed, fucking his length in and out steadily, spreading his thighs to have a nice view of his cock drilling inside that cunt, puffy lips hugging his girth nicely, pink clit trembling on top.

“U-uh wha- T-Taehyungie hyung, what are you doing here, wh-a.”

Taehyung smirks when Jungkook seems to wake up from his deep slumber, sleep-muddled brain still figuring out the situation as he pistons his shaft inside his half-sleepy mate pulling out breathless moans from him.

“Ohh sweetheart, yes me. Your alpha.”

Taehyung leans down kissing him on the lips, not giving him any moment to comprehend his words. Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind with the way he wraps his legs around Taehyung’s waist pulling him closer, burying his fingers in Taehyung’s hair, and opening his mouth gladly for his alpha to invade.

Taehyung holds his waist, sheathing his cock inside Jungkook’s warm cunt while licking into his hot little mouth, groaning when his pretty mate moans in his mouth, arching up into him as he drives his erection inside him crazy.

“A-ahhh alphaa ah…ahh…ah…uh…uh..uh..uh..uh ahh y-yes please fuck me.”

Jungkook moans prettily on Taehyung’s cock, arching his back when the cockhead bumps into his sweet spot repeatedly, abusing the soft bundle of nerves mercilessly making his body tense up and go lax consecutively.

“Such sweet tits you have pretty, can’t wait for the day you’ll feed our pups with these, providing them good nutrition yeah?”

Taehyung murmurs on his lips, big pals squeezing those voluminous tits in a firm grip, Jungkook’s chest bloom tingles at the rough handling, poor nipples being pinched making him whine. The thought of nursing his pup, which Taehyung would put inside him makes him dazed.

“Ahh yess alpha, please put your baby in me, breed me full of pups, wanna carry your litter alpha please.”

Jungkook begs, scratching Taehyung’s back, squeezing his waist between his legs, mind out of it when Taehyung is fucking him stupidly with his member. Jungkook’s words lick the heat inside Taehyung.

The alpha growls before fastening his pace, driving his cock in and out of the tight core at a maddening rate, harsh breath leaving both of them when the only thing they can register is the rapidly swelling up appendage inside the fucked out pussy.

“So fucking tight baby, such a nice pussy, too bad alpha is going to fuck you loose, breed you full of his seeds until you’re left gaping hahaha.”

The degrading humiliation makes Jungkook tear up, not being able to do anything but sob, lay there like a good omega, and take his alpha’s knot. The shaft in his pussy keeps enlarging beyond limits Jungkook starts to whimper. Taehyung kisses him, squeezing his tit with one hand, playing with his nipple while the other rubs a wet thumb over his trembling clit furiously, making his thighs shake from overstimulation, in order to distract him from the pain.

“Alphaa ahh it’s so big uhhhh, m-my pussy uhhhh.”

Jungkook mumbles on Taehyung’s lips, the alpha kisses him harder, focusing on his rapidly growing knot, bumping into Jungkook’s tiny entrance with each thrust, Jungkook’s body jolts up with each thrust with the amount of force Taehyung is exerting on it.

Jungkook’s words come out jumbled when Taehyung starts fucking him furiously, his knot slowly entering Jungkook’s cunt as he fucks his arousal with meticulous speed. Jungkook gapes when the knot finally enters him, making him feel like he’s being split apart.

Taehyung rubs his clit slowly to ease the burn, groaning when his knot enters the warm slimy insides, tugging on Jungkook’s inner walls with each thrust, muttering a fuck , Taehyung humps his girth deeper. Throwing his head back when Jungkook tightens his thighs around him, pulling him closer. Jungkook too throws his head back in pleasure moaning like a bitch in heat when Taehyung’s stiff erection starts bumping into the entrance of his cervix.

Soon, Taehyung is fucking his cervix in slow thrusts, Jungkook’s thighs shake before he’s creaming his alpha’s cock, shivers wrecking his whole body as his fucked core trembles around the knot, wetting the shaft making it easier for his alpha to move. Jungkook whimpers when Taehyung starts moving a little too fast.

“A-ahhh alpha sl-slowhhh ahh down, too rough ahh.”

Jungkook’s pleas fall on deaf ears when his alpha’s focus is fixated on the trembling flower swallowing his cock with his knot, driving the length in with full force until his crown penetrates the cervix, then only he lets go before shooting thick ropes of cum inside him mate with a groan. Breeding him full of his seeds.

Jungkook moans as his mate’s semen fill him up to the brim for the first time since he was conscious, knowing it’s Taehyung whom he’d always had a crush on is the one claiming him during the nights in his sleep Jungkook all too happy and willing to mate him.

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Woooow!! A cool story! Thanks for uploading it, I hope to read more of your stories 🤭✨
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  • Oshy  Oshy
    ohhh thank you so much for the compliment sweetness! i'm just trying this platform but i'll surely upload more if more people want!! meanwhile if u want to read early u can check my twt or ao3 <3 April 25, 2023, 17:16

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