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"Ah gukkie~" "Isn't this what you wanted pretty baby" Bad boy Jeon Jeongguk, the troublemaker of uni made it his mission to defile the newbie pretty nerd Taehyung when he heard that he's a fresh virgin. cue to him falling for the other and becoming obsessed to the point of manipulating him into not meeting anyone and staying with him in his house all the time.

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I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In

Taehyung had first seen Jeongguk when he entered the uni.

Laughing with his friends in his denim jacket.

His back looked so broad he would literally swallow him if Taehyung was to stand in front of him, he was so tall he would definitely tower over him, his hairs were long enough for Taehyung to want to grip them. His biceps were bulging through the oversized jacket and Taehyung wanted to feel them in his hands, maybe squeeze them.

He was laughing loudly and standing there doing just nothing. There was something about him that made Taehyung all hot and bothered. He doesn't know if it was how rough he looked in appearance, or if it was how rough he acted, smacking his friends on the back or side while laughing.

He didn't know what it was.

One thing he knew was, he liked seeing it.

Quite literally when he locked eyes with Jeon Jeongguk for the first time. And Jeongguk had looked at him from top to bottom, smile fading as he bit his lips, eyes turning dark. Taehyung was able to see from such a long distance.

Jeongguk saw Taehyung for the first time when he joined the uni.

He was busy laughing at something with his friends he did yesterday and got in trouble for. He's pretty much the troublemaker of the University giving the authorities a hard time, most of the time they can't do shit against him because he's just so smart he makes their life live hell without even breaking the rules.

Although when he does break rules sometimes, they suspend him just out of spite and revenge for finally getting something on him.

He doesn't mind though.

What he minded for the first time was the pretty nerd with thick glasses looki- ogling at him across the campus.

He was walking with his friends, books in his hands, but his eyes were trained on Jeongguk staring at him.

He blushed and averted his eyes when Jeongguk looked his way, getting all flustered and tripping on thin air.

Jeongguk smirked when Taehyung didn't look back.

His simple attire of pants and shirt did nothing to hide the curves from Jeongguk.

That day Jeongguk decided he wants the beauty for himself, and he was going to do anything to get him.

It wasn't like Jeongguk had any lack of bitches that he had to get someone who's 'not sought after.’

Quite opposite when he had the girls and boys flock around him like moths to flames, Jeongguk was a football player, with good looks and a marvelous physique. His personality is what drew other people to him.

Begging to have a night with him after the party but Jeongguk liked to keep it to the whores in the club.

The legit form of pay and fuck a hole. He didn't want anything else. He knew if he fucked someone random from their university or anyone at the party they would brag that how he found them attractive and choose them to have a hookup.

When he doesn't give a shit about looks but what he wants his skills, which actually is in the people he pays to fuck.

But he's known for his smooth flirting.

So the day Taehyung joined University was Chaos everywhere, by the end of the day the whole university knew who Kim Taehyung was because of the crazy amount of knowledge he had, teachers were impressed, and others were pissed, because of course their egos is hurt being in university before Taehyung but he comes and takes all the attention away.

How dare he.

So they call him a nerd.

Jeongguk knows perfectly it generates from their own little hurt ego but he doesn't give two fucks about it.

What he wanna fuck is pretty little Taehyung.

What problem arises is, some people are after Taehyung like bees because they obviously weren't blind not noticing his beauty. The raw bare beauty he carries with himself without the makeup.

Jeongguk doesn't care as he corners Taehyung in the middle of the hallway, everyone carrying on with their own thing not wanting to interrupt the bad boy troublemaker.

Taehyung, his pretty little lamb alone wandering in the lion's den.

Of Course, Jeongguk would hunt his prey down.

"What a pretty little lamb like you doing here all alone hm?"

Jeongguk huskily asks, his voice deep enough to make Taehyung blush. Jeongguk lowers his face trying to look at Taehyung's blushing cheeks.

Jeongguk presses himself closer and they share body heat. His face is a few inches away from Taehyung’s. Breath fanning his face.

"Won't you answer me?"

Jeongguk asks again, his voice low, sensual and deep.

Taehyung feels his neck flush.

"W-was going to t-the class"



Taehyung's voice comes out a little breathy from Jeongguk's proximity which keeps decreasing.

Jeongguk puts both his hands beside Taehyung's head, trapping him there.

Taehyung looks up and gasps, nose touching Jeongguk’s.

His dark eyes stared into Taehyungs.

Taehyung closes his eyes and breathes in Jeongguk's cologne, it smells so fresh and just so manly he wants to whine. Maybe he does and doesn’t know with the darker look in Jeongguk's eyes and the way his jaw clenches.

Jeongguk doesn't say anything, he turns around and walks off. Leaving a blushing Taehyung in the middle of the hallway. People looked at him surprisingly.

Taehyung fumbles his way to his class.

From that day onwards, Jeongguk would randomly corner Taehyung in the middle of hallways or cafeteria or library, or janitor's closet.

It was thrilling and exciting on Taehyung's part whereas it was torturing in Jeongguk. Being able to see Taehyungs from so close but not being able to hold him or touch him.

One day his dam broke.

It was the day Taehyung was wearing one of the black hoodies which looked similar to Jeongguk’s and mom jeans.

That day Jeongguk's patience snapped.

He cornered Taehyung into the janitor's closet and buried his face in his neck.

Shakily inhaling his sweet vanilla scent. It was so simple yet so sensual. By the time Jeongguk paid attention to Taehyung, he was trembling like a leaf. And Jeongguk hadn't even touched him yet.

Jeongguk's eyes darkened at the way Taehyung's senses seemed to be covered by a haze, he never protested Jeongguk. Jeongguk digs his nose into the sensitive skin of Taehyung's neck and hears him whine at the tingling sensation. He mutters a 'fuck' before his hands are under Taehyungs hoodie, gliding across the smooth skin of his lithe waist. Jeongguk wraps his cold tattoo heavy arms around Taehyung's waist tugging him closer. Pressed flushed to him. Taehyung whines when Jeongguk opens his mouth and his hot breath warm his skin. Leaving wet open mouth kisses on the expanses of his neck.


"Fuck baby say my name again"


Jeongguk growls and bites Taehyung's smooth neck when he moans his name. He is so sensitive to every touch.

His fingers dig into the smooth skin of Taehyung’s waist, his nose buried in Taehyung's neck where he's biting and kissing his neck.

Jeongguk leans back to look at the pretty purple bruises he left on Taehyung's neck. The neckline of the hoodie was pulled aside to show his milky skin, his smooth collarbones, and the fair skin of his shoulder. He plants a chaste kiss on the exposed skin, feeling Taehyung tremble in his arms.

The look in Jeongguk's eyes is wild.

Taehyung looks at him and shivers.

That day Jeongguk decides he wants Taehyung all to himself.

After the day, Taehyung had to keep his neck covered because Jeongguk wouldn't stop giving him hickeys.

He would corner Taehyung in any place he deemed nice enough before pressing him into the surface, burying his face into his neck, and getting his hands all over.

He would leave wet open mouth kisses on his sensitive neck before licking long stripes, gently sucking the path of his skin into his hot mouth before sinking his teeth into the smooth flesh. Breaking the tender blood vessels with the pressure of his rough teeth to leave a mark behind.

Taehyung's pretty whines throughout Jeongguk ruining his neck would make Jeongguk feel like a monster. A monster who wanted to eat Taehyung whole.

One day Jeongguk took Taehyung out for coffee, a surprising way to find out he doesn't drink coffee.

So Jeongguk asked him what does he like. And it was very adorable when he said strawberry milk with a smile.

So perfect

Jeongguk thought, because he himself is a big fan of banana milk.

So they went to a convince store and it turned into a date with the food Jeongguk kept buying when Taehyung looked at it for a second longer.

It was very nice for Taehyung since it was his first time going out on a date and being pampered so much by someone.

Jeongguk looks at Taehyung darkly, who's too busy eating a corn dog.

His eyes zero into the ketchup on the corner of Taehyungs lips.

He curls his finger around a confused yet flustered Taehyungs chin.

"You're such a messy baby"

He husks out before leaning forward, tipping Taehyungs head upwards before his hot tongue comes out to wetly lick at the corner of his lips.

Taehyung blushes deep red but does not make a move to back away.

Jeongguk squishes his cheek before letting him go. Focusing back on staring at Taehyung who eats now albeit shyly.

The date ended up with Jeongguk driving Taehyung to a beachside on his bike, pretty baby tightly gripping Jeongguk's leather jacket, helmet snug on his head.

He climbs out when Jeongguk stops at the beach. The scenery was very pretty.

"This is so pretty"

Taehyung voices out his thoughts, feet submerge in water standing and looking at the horizon.

"Very pretty"

The voice comes from behind, hot breath fanning his ears before two strong arms wrap around him.

Taehyung closes his eyes at the ticklish feeling when Jeongguk places a soft kiss neck. Squirms at the tingles running all over his body.

"So pretty, so sensitive"

Jeongguk bites his ear and wetly kisses it, his hot breath warming Taehyungs already hot ears.

Taehyung whines when Jeongguk completely presses his body to Taehyung from behind.

Feeling Jeongguk's body heat radiate off to him, the sturdy muscles of his chest pressing into Taehyungs back, veiny arms wrapped around his waist tightly, and Jeongguk's natural scent of cigarettes and cologne filling his nostrils.

Taehyung feels warm, hot, and bothered.

He squirms in Jeongguk's hold out of sensitivity.

"What happened"

Jeongguk murmurs into his ears, lips touching the shell, breath fanning his sensitive ears making Taehyung whine.

Jeongguk doesn't say anything when Taehyung doesn't answer, opting to dig his nose under his ear.

After a long time of watching the sky turn from orange to pink, they head back to Jeongguk's bike. This time Jeongguk tells Taehyung to sit facing the opposite direction from normal.

As soon as Taehyung is seated like that without questioning, Jeongguk pushes him to the front part of the bike and then sits in front of him in a way they're face to face.

He adjusts Taehyungs legs over his, thighs spread in front of Jeongguk looking so tempting.

Taehyung flushes at the proximity and position.

"J-Jeongguk what is this"

"I want to look at you"

Jeongguk replies honestly making Taehyungs heart beat faster.

"You can't drive like this you'll crash, let me go back"

Taehyung mumbles and makes a move to step down but Jeongguk grips his thighs firmly, one hand snaking inside his t-shirt feeling his warm skin, holding his waist, and yanking him towards himself.

Nose touching, his breath hitting Taehyungs face, he whispers with lips barely inches away from him.

"I said, I want to look at you"

Jeongguk says and Taehyung doesn't say anything, like always complying with Jeongguk's demands.

Jeongguk doesn't move them into the previous position, keeping Taehyung flushed to himself, pulling him closer occasionally in a way their chest is flushed. Both can feel each other's heartbeat.

Jeongguk doesn't move his face, opting to dig his nose in Taehyungs neck when he moves his head to the side.

Taehyung grips Jeongguk's shoulder, tightly feeling him come closer and closer to his neck till he's rubbing his whole face into Taehyungs smooth skin. Taehyung squirms his neck at the ticklish sensation.

" Taehyung "

Jeongguk says in a deeper voice than usual, the winds around them and the dim light of the day making it feel more intimate.


"Will you be my boyfriend?"

Jeongguk closes his eyes and murmurs into his neck. Taehyung closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. For a second he doesn't say anything and then he's pushing his neck into Jeongguk's face.


Taehyung says breathlessly, whining when Jeongguk turns his face and digs into Taehyungs neck. Leaving wet open mouth kisses on the sensitive warm skin.

Hands tightening around Taehyungs waist, fingers digging into the soft flesh.

Taehyung grips Jeongguk’s hair when he licks at one sensitive spot on his neck before sucking it slowly into his mouth, leaving a pretty bruise behind for Taehyung to see.

Jeongguk decides to have some mercy on his neck and he marvels at the art he created on Taehyungs neck.

His possessive side growled out at the claim he put on Taehyung.

That's right, Taehyung belongs to him now.

Jeongguk looks up to find Taehyung hungrily eyeing his wet lips.

Taehyung unconsciously leans forward but stops before his lips touch Jeongguk's.

Jeongguk laughs huskily before he places his lips on top of Taehyungs.

Giving him a chaste kiss, parting with a wet Chu.

As soon as Jeongguk makes a move to pull back Taehyung buries his pretty dainty fingers on the back of his head and pulls him closer by his fluffy hair.

Urging Jeongguk to kiss more.

And who is Jeongguk to deny his pretty baby of anything?

He surges forward and kisses Taehyung a little harder, feels him whine into his mouth, and arches up to him, his spine beautifully curving into his hands that had Jeongguk growling.

He sucks Taehyung's lower lip into his mouth harshly before gliding his tongue into his mouth. As soon as their tongues glide together it's wet and filthy, Taehyung opens his mouth wide for Jeongguk to kiss him as he means it. Jeongguk swallows all of his whines and moans spilling out. Licking into Taehyungs mouth who greedily opens his mouth for Jeongguk's tongue to fuck him.

It's soft and wet but also slimy and filthy. Taehyung yanks into Jeongguk's hair roughly when he harshly sucks onto his tongue.

"Ahn hyung~"

Taehyung moans when Jeongguk parts from him, breathing heavily.

Jeongguk growls at the sound before going in again. Roughly kissing Taehyung wet swollen lips till they sting. Taehyung weakly pushes at Jeongguk's chest when he gets breathless.

"Jeo-Jeongguk mhmmm ahn mmm"

Jeongguk leaves Taehyungs lip with the last suck. Eyes hazy and dark. Looking at Taehyung who looks like a sin comes to life.

Taehyung pushes his hands under Jeongguk's jacket and wraps it around his body, the warm jacket saving him from the little cold.

Jeongguk doesn't waste a second tightening his hands around Taehyung which were already wrapped around him. Pulling him closer till his breast are squished between them. He wants to glide his hands upward and squeeze them gently. Wants to feel the soft mound in his hands and watch Taehyungs eyes roll back from pleasure. But decides it's not the time.

Taehyung rubs his face into Jeongguk's shirt's collar like a cute little kitten.

"Hm? Are you cold baby?"

Jeongguk asks when he hears Taehyung mumble something, his voice rough from all the kissing and growling. Taehyung shivers when Jeongguk's voice falls straight into his ear. The voice sent tingles down his belly.

"Y-yeah let's go"

Jeongguk smiles at Taehyungs cuteness, pressing a kiss to his sensitive ear before nuzzling it. Having Taehyung squirm in his lap.

Jeongguk drives like that to his home, Taehyung seated in front of him, more like on his lap. People on the highway give them weird stares but Jeongguk doesn't give 2 fucks.

He put a helmet on Taehyung and himself and took off.

His one hand is wrapped around Taehyung most of the time while the other has his legs wrapped around Jeongguk's waist and his arms around Jeongguk's midsection.

They don't talk the entire way, opting to stay silent and enjoy the proximity.

As soon as they reach Jeongguk's home, he gets off the bike with Taehyung still in his arm who fell asleep.

He enters the passcode on his door before stepping inside it.

It's a mix between cozy and a little big.

Big for one person cozy for two.

When he's inside he gently wakes Taehyung up, prepping his ear with kisses and asking him to wake up. After a few moments of coaxing Taehyung wakes up with a yawn, rubbing his face into Jeongguk's face with a whine like a cute little kitten. Jeongguk is so down bad.

Jeongguk tells him they reached his home and Taehyung can freshen up while he cooks something for them.

Jeongguk leaves Taehyung in his room to cook some basic ramen and goes to his room after he’s done. Preparing his clothes for a quick shower.

As he's taking out his boxers he sees Taehyung step out of the bathroom, hair wet. Wearing one of the white button-up shirts which belongs to him, he keeps it for some formal occasions and nothing else.

Jeongguk's boxers are barely concealed from view as his button-up on Taehyung is big because of the size difference but not big enough. It barely reaches his mid-thighs.

Jeongguk feels his blood rush down to his cock at the sigh.

Taehyung's long legs are on display, his smooth milky thighs Jeongguk wants to suck and mark them till Taehyung is whining.

Taehyung might feel Jeongguk's eyes on his since he blushes hard.

Jeongguk slowly walks towards him, his arms coming to automatically wrap around Taehyung's waist. His face buried in Taehyungs neck to inhale his scent. He smells more like Jeongguk since he used his body wash and is wearing his clothes.

Jeongguk feels a growl build up in his throat that Taehyung is wearing his close and smells like him while he's standing in Jeongguk's house in his arms and now belongs to him.

He pressed him to the nearby wall and kisses him till Taehyung is whining out of breathlessness. Weakly punching at his chest.

"Lemme take a shower and then we can eat. You'll find anything you need in dresses"

Jeongguk whispers in his ear and then vanishes into the washroom for a cold shower with a kiss on Taehyungs lips.

Who stand there blushing.

When Jeongguk comes out of the bathroom he's only in grey sweats. Shirtless and towel hanging from his neck, hair damp.

Jeongguk watches Taehyung apply lotion to his neck, hairs seemingly still wet.

He takes off his towel, before draping it on Taehyungs head who squeaks at the sudden action.

"H-hyung you scared me"

"You need to dry your hair before you catch a cold babe"

Jeongguk says firmly, wanting Taehyung to know he's serious.

"I really l-like it when you call me pet names"

Taehyung says shyly, successfully making Jeongguk's heartbeat increase to a point he fears it'll jump out of his chest and beat in front of Taehyung to prove how much it's haywire.

Jeongguk bends down. His face upside-down to Taehyungs. Kissing his lips chastely before speaking lowly on his lips.

"I love calling you pet names too pretty"

Jeongguk watches in surprise Taehyung closes his eyes with flushed cheeks and tips his head upwards to plant a soft kiss on Jeongguk's lip.

Jeongguk groans before gripping Taehyungs cheek roughly and properly kissing him.

He leaves when he thinks things are getting out of control making Taehyung whine. He picks him up and throws him on his shoulder, hands gliding down Taehyungs smooth thighs.

"We need to eat come on, we can make out after we fill that cute little tummy of yours."

Taehyung giggles laying limply on his shoulder, patting Jeongguk's bum from where he's hanging upside-down.

He really had no one who cared for him this much till now. He feels giddy and very happy when Jeongguk pays so much attention to him that he didn't think he would notice Taehyungs stomach making weird noises while drying his hair but he was wrong.

Jeongguk gently throws him on the couch before he brings the dinner which is freshly cooked instant ramen from him.

Taehyung takes the first bite and moans.

"Oh my god gukkie this is so good, your hands are magical"

Jeongguk laughs at Taehyungs innocent excitement, eyes shining just because the food is tasty.

"Thank you pretty, that's one of a compliment I haven't gotten yet"

Taehyung chews confusedly, asking between the mouthfuls which Jeongguk finds weirdly adorable. Taehyung is adorable fuck it.

"Why? You cook sho gwod "

"Yeah but I don't cook for others baby"

He watches realization dawn on Taehyung who then proceeds to eat his food silently with cheeks as red as the Samyang noodles he made.

When their bellies are full and they converse a bit, Jeongguk notices Taehyung is sleepy and his eyes are drooping so he picks Taehyung up bridal style to his bedroom. Taehyung doesn't complain and lets himself be carried by Jeongguk, wrapping his arms around his neck and nuzzling it.

Jeongguk lays Taehyung on the bed who starts whining and patting around the bed, Jeongguk confusedly watches as he turns off the lights and closes the door, as soon as he's settled in tor sheets Taehyung makes happy little content noises hugging him. Wrapping his limbs around him.

Jeongguk holds Taehyung's waist as Taehyung buries his face in Jeongguk's neck before they drift off to dreamland.

After that day when Taehyung agreed to be Jeongguk's boyfriend, things changed drastically, for others because Jeongguk still cornered Taehyung in random corners of the university kissing him breathlessly.

Sucking red and purple bruises on his neck making Taehyung sensitive.

The only thing which changes between them is Jeongguk shadowing Taehyung everywhere.

Jeongguk always had his hands wrapped around Taehyungs waist, never leaving his side.

Not that Taehyung minded, if something, he loved it so much, having Jeongguk's constant touch on him, having all his attention on him.

If Taehyung opens his mouth, Jeongguk's eyes gravitate toward him. He would flush beet red every time Jeongguk looked at him like that. Jeongguk doesn't look, he looks.

He would gaze at Taehyung continuously without blinking, he always shied away from such attention, having never gotten such attention from anyone in his life.

His attention itself is unconsciously all on Jeongguk, that's the reason he fails to see the whole university eyeing him, desperate to have a moment with him, maybe talk to him and flirt with him a little.

But whenever they can only dream because Kim Taehyung has Jeon Jeongguk attached to him every second of the day.

No one dares to approach Taehyung when he's with Jeongguk, one glare from him and they all succumb away.

Jeongguk might be a troublemaker at University but he's also the man who gets away after doing anything.

He's not just a goofy prankster her more lethal than that and the students seem to know that. By the way, they shake every time he glares at anyone ogling at Taehyung is anything to go by.

The stares had been more frequent since the day Taehyung started wearing pretty skirts to the universe.

Pretty little skirt, which shows off his smooth milky thighs, his plum thighs which everyone drools after.

The crop hoodies show off his delicate waist which is never out to ogle for.

Jeongguk's arms are constantly wrapped around the milky waist, his tattoo-heavy hand curling around the lithe waist possessively, the veiny arms wrapping around the delicate curve.

When they're in the crowdy areas, Jeongguk would pull Taehyung by his waist, flushed to his chest.

His one arm wrapped around his waist while the other held his neck, kissing him breathlessly till Taehyung is moaning and gripping Jeongguk's shoulder for support. Since he gets dizzy from Jeongguk's head-spinning kisses.

Jeongguk loves to pull Taehyung onto his lap when they're sitting in the cafeteria, or sports ground, he would tug Taehyung on his lap sideways, wrapping his arms around his waist, burying his face in the neck while Taehyung continues his study, sideways leaning on Jeongguk's chest.

He would close his eyes and sigh out of pleasure when Jeongguk would leave small wet butterfly kisses on his neck, he sure would giggle when Jeongguk nuzzles his neck and moaned when he bit his soft ear lobe.

Sometimes when Jeongguk is feeling extra possessive, he would push Taehyungs books away and plant Taehyung on his lap, facing him so Taehyung is straddling him.

Taehyung would blush beet red, he would fiddle with Jeongguk's hair on his nape.

Jeongguk loves those moments, a perfect opportunity to pull Taehyung towards himself, their fronts flushed, his breast squished against Jeongguk's strong chest.

He would love to give Taehyung a chaste peck that would have Taehyung whining and squirm closer to him.

Pushing his soft lips on Jeongguk's rough ones for him to kiss more.

And Jeongguk is just a man.

He would groan before gripping Taehyungs plum ass in his hands, squeezing them to make Taehyung squeak in his mouth, invade his tongue inside Taehyungs mouth to make out with him in front of everyone. show everyone that only Jeon Jeongguk can touch Taehyung.

Only Jeon Jeongguk can have Taehyung.

Their first time was something that never failed to make Taehyung blush.

Taehyung sits on Jeongguk's lap, his hard dick making him whine and unconsciously grind down on it.

Jeongguk groans before he wraps one arm around Taehyungs waist while the other roams over his milky thigh.

His big warm hand gliding over the smooth skin, giving it a soft squeeze. Taehyung squirms in his lap, trying to close his thighs but being unable to.

Taehyung buries his finger in Jeongguk's hair, gripping it harshly when he kisses him harder. Whine leaves his lips when Jeongguk's insistent warm tongue keeps rubbing at his small ones.

It's so wet and so filthy but it feels so good because Taehyung is wet between his legs.

He's dripping down on Jeongguk's sweatpants.

Jeongguk might feel the wetness when he mutters a 'fuck' and holds Taehyungs small waist with his hands, making him grind down on his dick.

"Ahn~'' Taehyung moans when he feels his pussy rubbing on the hard shaft. the rough fabric of Jeongguk's sweats being the only barrier separating his pussy and Jeongguk's cock.

Because Taehyung has gotten so wet it feels as if it's nothing, sticking to his pussy lips slimily.

Jeongguk sneaks a hand to Taehyung's chest, squeezing it roughly making him let out the filthiest moan.

Taehyung throws his head back at the sensation, his pussy being rubbed on a hard cock sends a tingly sensation in his lower belly, and his tits being squeezed roughly.

Jeongguk's eyes haze with lust, his eyes fixated on his lap, his dick straining against his sweats, a wet patch visible.

Taehyung's slick mixing with Jeongguk's precum soiling his clothes. There's nothing hotter than Taehyung leaking like a faucet.

And the fact that he's a virgin like he claimed to Jeongguk in a heat-driven haze while making out with him makes him groan.

Jeongguk would be his first. And he would make sure he's his last.

"Come on baby lemme make you feel good"

"Yes please!"

Jeongguk stands up with Taehyung in his arms who squeaks at the sudden movement, his pussy still rubbing on Jeongguk's hard cock.

He moans when he thinks about how they would look right now, Jeongguk shirtless only in his sweatpants, Taehyung in his crop top, strings falling barely withholding his tits in them.

Pussy over Jeongguk's cock rubbing up and down like a desperate bitch in heat.

He doesn't think Jeongguk minds what he's doing if his dark eyes are anything to go by.

Looking at Taehyung as if he's going to devour him whole.

Jeongguk throws him on the bed when they reach his bedroom.

Taehyung looks sinful, his clothes are disheveled, hair is a mess. Eyes dazed, squirming in Jeongguk's silk sheets.

His skirt rode up his thighs showing off his panties.

Jeongguk hovers above him like a predator cornering his prey.

"Are you sure baby?"

Jeongguk says huskily, burying his face in Taehyung's neck.

Taehyung arches up into him at the sexy voice. The Low timber makes goosebumps rise on hai skin.

" Please ~"

Taehyung moans when Jeongguk bites his neck, sucking the skin in his mouth before licking it, leaving pretty bruises behind.

He knows how much Taehyung loves hickeys, he himself loves them on Taehyung. It feeds a possessive part of him.

He grips Taehyung's waist before lowering his hips in the middle. Slowly Grinding down into the warm heart between Taehyung's legs.

"Fuck baby, so hot"

Jeongguk groans in his ear, his breath coming out ragged, Taehyung spreads his thighs, even more, moaning when Jeongguk's thick cock brushes over his weeping pussy.

Taehyung snaps his hips instinctively.

"Ahn hyung please"

Taehyung moans when Jeongguk kisses him on the lips again.

"Yeah baby"

With that Jeongguk lowers his sweatpants waistband, getting his cock out and giving it a few strokes, his breathing hard as he pumps it furiously, the fire skin easing up and down showing the tip occasionally.

Taehyung's eyes are trained hungrily on Jeongguk, watching a man stroke himself in front of you is hot. It's so hot it makes Taehyung whine and ache between his legs.

Jeongguk kicks off his sweatpants before pushing Taehyung's skirt upwards to his chest, peeling off his wet panties and sticking to his pussy.

Jeongguk shuffles forward, gliding his cock up and down Taehyung's wet slit, the head catching on Taehyung's hole sliding through the clit making him jolt occasionally.

Jeongguk groans when Taehyung clenches on his tip, Jeongguk Slowly eases his cock in, when he's a few inches in then he hears Taehyung whimper, gripping the soft bed sheets in his tiny fist.

"Shhh baby look at me"

Jeongguk says holding Taehyung's hand in both of his, pinning them beside his head, hovering over him so Taehyung's eyes are on him.

"Look at me yes ahhh so fucking tight and wet baby, mhmm so fucking warm inside swallowing me so well"

Jeongguk keeps moaning, slowly pushing his cock inside, Taehyung's head rolls back when Jeongguk is buried to the hilt, he feels so big inside him that Taehyung clenches down on it, making Jeongguk groan feeling his dick being suffocated by warm wet walls.

Jeongguk instinctively snaps his hips forward when Taehyung moans.

"Shit baby, those sounds fuck"

Jungkool groans, burying his face in Taehyung's neck, grinding his hips forward not moving out. Letting him get used to the stretch.

It doesn't feel burning, it just stings slightly, the wetness making it a lot easier, also their heater makeout sessions never failed to make Taehyung sopping wet. Feeling empty.


Taehyung draws out a moan when Jeongguk pulls back a little and slowly pushes back in.

Jeongguk stands on his knees, Taehyung legs spread on the mattress.

Jeongguk pulls Taehyung's top down, his tits jiggling free, Jeongguk's eyes zero into the soft mounds, he runs his hands u from Taehyung's lithe waist to his ribs, slowly circling his rough palm around his breast and giving it a meticulous squeeze.


Taehyung whines a moan when the rough palm kneads his breast, rolling his head back and arching his spine.

Jeongguk rubs his rough pad of thumb over the tender pink rosy tips, making Taehyung whine from the stimulation.

"Fuck baby, look at these tits, would love to suck them dry"

Jeongguk says filthily, making Taehyung whine out loud at those dirty words. The thought of Jeongguk's hot mouth and warm wet tongue over his nipples makes him squirm out of anticipation.

Jeongguk pinches the tips of those nipples between his index and thumb and squeezes them gently before running his palm over the tips in a circular motion, twisting them again in delicious pain.

" Ahnnnn "

Taehyung moans when Jeongguk abuses his nipples, squeezing his breast roughly, the milky smooth skin gaining red hand imprints from Jeongguk's rough treatment. Jeongguk twists and tugs on the poor pink rosy tips till they're flushed pink all perked up before powering himself over Taehyung.

His hot mouth hovered over the abused tips making Taehyung whine from anticipation, Jeongguk's saliva drips onto the flushed tips making Taehyung whine and arch into his mouth. Jeongguk finally takes the poor nipples in his mouth, flicking the tip with his tongue, licking it roughly before sucking on it. Hard.

Taehyung moans as he grips Jeongguk's hair, pulling him towards himself, and pushing his chest more into Jeongguk's mouth.

Jeongguk gladly sucks into the rosy nipples u till they're swollen, his hips gradually moving forward and pulling back to push forward again.

Successfully distracting from the pain Jeongguk's hips start gaining momentum, snapping hips forward harshly once that gets Taehyung moaning under him.

Taehyung's hands hold his back, scratching down his back painfully, his back burns from the stings but nothing compares to the warm heart between Taehyung's legs.

"Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahna hnnnmm gukk hannn hnnn"

Taehyung moans when Jeongguk fucks him relentlessly, his hips snapping forward at a rhythmic pace making him whine.

Jeongguk switches from his right nipples to his left nipples making Taehyung arch into his mouth, tears gather in Taehyung's eyes at the overwhelming pleasure running through his body, Jeongguk fucking his pussy and abusing his nipples in his mouth making Taehyung cry out loud.

Body arching up to him, Jeongguk holds Taehyung down by his waist, standing up drool dripping from his mouth, eyes hazy as they settle on Taehyung's naked frame, Taehyung looks ruined for the lack of better words.

His hair is messy, he's crying. Tears dripped down his red eyes, nose tip flushed red, lips bitten pink, his nipples wet and flushed pink, all swollen and perked up from Jeongguk's abuse.

"Shit baby, you look fucking ruined, do I fuck you that good huh?"

Jeongguk says holding Taehyungs hips a little upwards before rapidly fucking his cock into him,

"ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn hyunggggg ahnnnn~"

Taehyung keeps moaning when Jeongguk fucks him a little deeper, his bare tip touching that soft muscle inside him making him shake out of his bones.

Taehyung thighs shake from where they spread around him before they fall into the bed. All open of Jeongguk to see and fuck.

Taehyung twists the bedsheet in his little first, twisting and turning from overwhelming pleasure when Jeongguk's cock continuously fucks his sweet spot, abusing his pussy.

"Gukkk hngggggg ahnnnnmmmmm ahn ahn ahn"

Taehyung keeps moaning when Jeongguk fucks him, never stopping his moans. Jeongguk keeps groaning, his breaths coming out harshly when he closes his eyes and bites his lips, focusing on Taehyung's warm velvety smooth walls swallowing his rock-hard cock, his precum continuously dribbling out smearing inside Taehyungs wall.

"Fuck baby look at you so tiny yet swallowing me so fucking good, think I'm gonna fucking melt inside you. So fucking warm this fucking pussy"

Jeongguk curses, looking angrily at his pussy, and biting his lips, he looks so rough his dimples pop out.

Taehyung looks at him, he remembers when he first saw Jeongguk, he was laughing and cursing, he looked so hot so rough, he had looked at Taehyung darkly biting his lips, then too his dimples popped out making him look so fucking hot.

Now his hair messy, moving with his every movement as he fucks him, Taehyung arches his back and moans out loud. He always dreamed of this hot Jeongguk now finally getting to see him in his raw form fucking him into tears. Taehyung thinks this is heaven.

"Ahn ahn guk sl-slow down ahnnnn"

Jeongguk laughs maniacally breathless, forehead sweaty, his biceps bulging from where he's upholding Taehyung hips to fuck him in a better position, his neck vein is throbbing and he looks angry and so hot Taehyung whines and squirms his hips, heat setting in his lower belly rapidly.

"Isn't this what you wanted pretty baby, for me to fuck you into tears in my sheets"

Jeongguk keeps fucking his cock into the abused virgin pussy, a tiny bit of blood coating his dick but he doesn't remember seeing Taehyung in pain.

"Does it hurt baby? huh tell hyung"

Jeongguk asks breathlessly, his pace slowing down, now lazily thrusts his cock in and out.

Taehyung whines at the loss of stimulation, the heat in his belly relentless to settle.

"Noooo hyung nooo, feels so good please please ahnn please~"

Taehyung looks at him with teary eyes. Begging for him to fuck his pussy, at least he's now sure that Taehyung didn't feel any pain, so that means Jeongguk broke his hymn without him feeling any pain?

Jeongguk smirks, a stranger possessive pride filling his heart before he starts fucking Taehyung like a beast.

"Yeah, baby? you want Hyung to fuck you? Tell me what you want baby"

Jeongguk groans in Taehyung's ears, lowering his hips before pounding Taehyungs into the sheets, his hips snapping fast burying his cock into the warm heat, the slick wet sound of his cock hitting Taehyung's weeping pussy makes everything even more filthy.

"C-cock, wan your cock g-gukkie"

Taehyung lets out between his broken cries, Jeongguk's thrusts not letting him speak.

Jeongguk holds Taehyung's hands and pins them beside his head before slotting their lips together.

Jeongguk swallows Taehyung's every moan and whine, groaning into his mouth when he starts clenching around him, Jeongguk separates their lips before looking down where they're connected, Taehyung looks down to see Jeongguk's cock fucking his poor virgin pussy fast like he whines when Jeongguk's pubic hair tickles his clitty.

"Want to watch you come undone on my cock pretty, wanna watch your pussy fucking squirt on my cock, wanna make you come just by my cock fucking you open like this"

Jeongguk groans, saying this on Taehyung's lips who whine and look him in the eyes, his teary eyes look so cute and vulnerable it makes Jeongguk groan.

Their lips sliding together but not kissing, Jeongguk's thrusts are rapid and harsh. With the sole purpose of making Taehyung cum.

"Ahn gukk- gukkie ahnnn i feel- i feel ahnnn"

Jeongguk hears Taehyung moan and he fucks him meticulously.

"Yeah baby, cum on my cock yeah. Come on squirt like my good boy"

That was supposed to be the last straw for Taehyung, when he heard Jeongguk call him 'good boy' the heat in Taehyung's belly snapped before he creamed Jeongguk's cock, clamping down on it hard.

Jeongguk groans when Taehyung's wetness surrounds his cock, making it even more filthy, Taehyung clenched around him continuously until Jeongguk's cock spurts warm semen inside him making him feel wet and also full.

Jeongguk groans loudly, fucking his cock in and out slowly of Taehyungs pussy milking his cock inside the warm heat.

He pulls out his slimy wet cock when it starts softening, slowly stroking the sensitive cock and milking it on Taehyungs pussy, his cock keeps spurting cum making Taehyung whine at the warm slimy feeling over his pussy.

Jeongguk puts his hand on Taehyung's pussy, spreading the filth all over his pussy and rubbing it over his oversensitive clit, Taehyung's hips twitch before he whines, squirming his hips away from the evil fingers

Jeongguk puts his middle and ring finger inside Taehyungs pussy, fucking the cum back into his abused pussy making him cry out of oversensitivity.

Jeongguk's soft dick bobs between his legs, half hard at the filthy sight of Taehyung's most intimate part covered in his cum.

It feeds his possessiveness.

Taehyung belongs to him, fuck yeah.

After that day their honeymoon phase started which never ceased.

Jeongguk manipulated Taehyung into staying home with him.

He's so obsessed with him he doesn't want someone looking at his pretty baby.

Not that Taehyung minds it though. If anything he loves having Jeongguk's attention all to himself every day.

Most of the time he's in Jeongguk's bed, Jeongguk fucking him meticulously. He's insatiable. He always has his hands or mouth on Taehyungs, most of it ending with Jeongguk's cock inside him.

He would reduce Taehyung into a crying mess, fucking him slow and hard into the sheets till his thighs are shaking and he's close to passing out.

Everyone wonders where Taehyung vanished, Jeongguk rarely goes to school, only going once every 14 days to bring all the study material needed for Taehyung. Because of course his pretty baby loves studying and thrives on knowledge.

The only thing changed is that earlier he used to sit on a chair while studying but nowadays he sits on Jeongguk's cock while studying.

Jeongguk loves to randomly thrust inside him when he's studying, and would sometimes tease his nipples till they're all perked up and poking through his (Jeongguk's) thin t-shirt.

Taehyung stopped wearing inner wears because in the end they always ended up being ripped by a horny Jeongguk too impatient to undress Taehyung, he would rip his clothes off quite literally before devouring him into tears.

Taehyung couldn't stay naked so he wears Jeongguk's t-shirts, he loves the smell of him.

He loves snuggling up into Jeongguk's while his cock is inside him, gripping his fluffy hair when Jeongguk is too busy abusing his poor pink nipples till they're swollen.

Taehyung favorite is when he's reduced to a debauched state on the couch, they would be watching a movie or something but Jeongguk's obsession with him is quite clear now that he can't keep his hands to himself, so all he can do is cry tears of overwhelming pleasure when Jeongguk is devouring his pussy for hours and hours. Making it flush red from overstimulation till his thighs are shaking and squeezing Jeongguk's head between them.

It's not healthy per se but who cares as long as both of them are happy.

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