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This story is about a girl who works at a flower shop and a billionaire who has a deep secret love story how they met by a dare

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The dare

The Dare

Alora had always loved working at the flower shop not just because she needed she was told becaese. It was a peaceful and calming place, surrounded by the beauty of nature. She spent her days arranging bouquets, chatting with customers, and dreaming of finding her own true love.

One day,

it was just a regular day for Alora not expecting a handsome man walked into her shop. He was tall and had his black fluffy hair alora couldnt help but notice his striking forest green eyes that seemed to sparkle in light and the way he carried himself with confidence

The man, whose name was Rioo, had come into the shop on a dare from his friends. They had challenged him to buy a bouquet of flowers from a random shop and give it to the first girl he saw.

At first, Rioo had been hesitant to take on the dare. He was a billionaire, used to getting what he wanted, and he didn't like the idea of being told what to do. But as soon as he saw Alora, he knew he had to go through with it.

He approached her with a smile and asked for a bouquet of her prettiest flowers. Alora was taken aback by his boldness but couldn't help but be charmed by his good looks and friendly demeanor.

As she wrapped the bouquet in...

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