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Her camouflaged scales itched from the wheat grass that rubbed into her sides. If she could, she would’ve run then. But they had marked her. They always knew where she was. What she was. What was she? An experiment? No. A three year old soldier that could kill queens.

Fanfiction Livres Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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ØNE EGG for every fifty, two eggs for every hundred.

one egg.

he just needed to get one egg.thats easy, i have access to everything in the kingdom.he thought with a smerk.

øne egg

he walked through the vine wrapped door and swept his head from side to side, looking for gaurds.

ø|\|e egg.

why am i looking for gaurds? i have access to EVERYTHING in the kingdom.

ø|\|€ egg

he listened to his talon steps echo off the walls. it was eerily quiet in the halls of the rainwing hatchery.

ø|\|€ €gg

"even YOU cant mess this up. unless you cant count along with your other problems."his boss had hissed into his ear as he left.

ø|\|€ €%g

ill show him,he thought with a growl as he walked into the hatching room.



hundreds, thousands,millions,of eggs.

and he got to choose one of his likings....

ø|\|€ €%%

for the rainwing secret.

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