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A Jigglypuff appeared into the world of Plymouth, Mass, and saw and wanted to join the unified track team. What will happen? Will she tag along or be singing all the time, sending the team to dreamland? Read to figure it out!

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Jigglypuff’s Appearance


A small pink Pokemon hit the ground after a portal closed behind it.

It looked around, noticing it was in a diffrent world, not the Pokemon World.

"Puff?" It was confused.

"Jiggly?!" Now it realized. It was in the REAL world!

It looked around in curiosity. This world was completely diffrent.

After a bit, the Pokemon, now called Jigglypuff, began to explore.


Jigglypuff then came across something bigger than her. a school. A big school that has the name "Plymouth South High School."

Jigglypuff felt like exploring the place, but the doors were locked. The day was probably already over.

She walked down the sidewalk, and then she came across some kind of football field with a track, and saw a teacher and a group of kids there.

She began thinking. Was it worth exploring without being eyed?

Jigglypuff made up her mind and decided to go check it out.

She thought; "What could this activity these kids and teacher be doing?

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Jordan Cederquist Age: 15 School: Plymouth South High School Sophomore Year Mother, Father and 12 Year Old Brother, Grandparents, etc. Anime Fav: Sailor Moon Favorite Disney Movie: Finding Nemo Favorite Music Artist: U2 (I like other songs too)

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