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Jungkook is the popular guy of the university, one day they go to a trip and yn get lost in the forest while camping will he be able to save her enemy watch the full chapters 😊

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Chapter 1

Waking up by the sound of bird charming, the sun hitting my face getting it shine ☀️

Mom= Hey you stubborn wake up before I get a bucket of water and splash on you!

Yn= n-no mom please don't, I am awaked! *irritated voice *

Mom= do you know that your having your results for your exams today

Yn= Aish I forgot about it, well what time is it

Yn checked the time and it was already 7:39.



Mom= have your breakfast first and then g-

Yn= no mom not today my teacher will kill me please, bye love you *Kisses her forehead *

*Yn went to university and saw he bestfriend waiting for her *

Lisa= what the fuck you think your doing, you supposed to come and 7:00 o'clock so why did oyu came that late *scold yn*

Yn= oh I'm sorry I waked up late 😞

Lisa= it's alright now let's go 😒

*Suddenly someone grabs yn by her shoulder and make her fall on the ground *

Yn= what the hel-

?? What did you say? *rasing his eye brows*

*suddenly I heard that voice my body started to shake into fear *

Yn= i-I'm s-sorry *trembling *

Jk= Aish your sorry will not work *smirks *

Yn= what do you want 😑

Jk= Where is my homework sheet?

Yn in mind * aish I left it home *

I'm sorry but I left it home, can I please give you tomorrow?

Jk= no baby, get ready for your punishment, *he grabs your wrist and take you with him in the canteen where everyone is sitting and chatting *

Yn=no no please i am sorry *nervous * why are we in canteen *everyone looks at you both *

Jk= anyone wanna beat her? *Yn eyes got widen *

Yn= n-no jungkook please *begs him*

Jk= OK lets do one thing, have a one night with me *winks *

Yn got disgusted by his words and she can't handle her anger anymore so she slapped him*

Yn= *slaps * who the fuck you thing you are? HUH? HOW CAN YOU BE THAT SHAMELESS!! *Slaps again and pushed him and went away *

Jk in mind = *I will take my revenge on you *

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Zainab Syeda Zainab Syeda
Amazing waiting for for next part
March 30, 2023, 06:57

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