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"𝗜 𝗮𝗺 𝗮𝗱𝗱𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗱." "𝗧𝗼 𝘄𝗵𝗮𝘁?" "𝑻𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖." A new year at Hogwarts began for the Slytherins. With mixed feelings they entered their 6th year, little did they know how much worse it could get. A Draco Malfoy Fan Fiction with messy plots and multiple POV's. Contains sexual relationships, violent actions and psychological abuse. Every character, except Gracie Owen and her parents, belongs to J.K. Rowling.

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One - Unhandled

Gracie's POV

Hogwarts - September 1996

Here we are, back for another year of Hogwarts. I think we are all scared and excited at the same time. In other words, Voldemort is back. On the other hand, I am pretty sure it will be fun, like every year. It already started at the train,

"No, for fucks sake Blaise!" Daphne screams our whole cabin together, she screams and we all died of laughter, it is so good to be reunited with them. "Too small?" Blaise's arm is up in the air, it almost reaches the top of the cabin, Daphne tries so hard to get the sweets back she just bought, she was hungry the whole ride.

"Oh come on," she yells at him. Pansy, Nott, Malfoy, and I watch them, my stomach already hurts from laughing.

I snap back to reality when we step on the moving Stairs and a boy hit me with his elbow, Malfoy.

"Ah, Owen, do you remember how I nearly pushed you off here in 4th year? I still wish you fell down there." He turns with a devilish smirk to me, I smile sarcastically up at him.

"I really wish I fell down there, if I were dead right now I wouldn't have to face your ugly appearance here." He is clearly amused by my answer, he puts his hand on the back of my head and forces me to look down there.

Pansy and the others are already at the top, she looks back and yells at us, "Are you two coming or not? If we leave you alone you might kill each other, so come on now." She is probably right.

Draco slowly lets go of my hair, but he still focuses on Pansy, as she turns away, he whispers in my ear, "We can still manage to bring you down there, love."

As I pick myself up, Malfoy walks up the stairs, I watched him with a small grin, he turns back as he notices that I am not following him. He holds out his hand, I hesitate to take it, "Come on, I will not bite you."

"Oh well, how lovely."

My hand touches his, "A few seconds ago you threatened to kill me."

He just lets out a quiet chuckle, "Happens to the best of us."

Daphne opens the door, "Ah, home sweet home!" Pansy, Daphne, and I walk into our dorm, we are lucky to get the same one as last year and even luckier to share it again. I jump on my bed, it feels so familiar. My trunk is already placed next to my closet, I stand up to start unpacking it.

"Well," Pansy starts her sentence and stares at me in judgment, "what was that with Draco on the stairs?"

I breathe in heavily, "I-", but Daphne interrupts me, "What happened?!" she asks with wide eyes. Pansy tells her how Draco bend me over the stair-rail and then how we walked up like nothing happened, with my hand in his.

"Bloody Hell, Gracie!" she shouts at me and Pansy isn't able to control her laughter.

"Oh, it was nothing! He just threatened to push me to death and then played nice, the same shit as always."

I continue to unpack my huge amount of clothes. "You guys have a love-hate relationship," says Pansy. Daphne just nods in agreement.

"No, oh my god, no. Not a love-hate- relationship!"

They both laugh at me, "What about a friends-hate-relationship?", Daphne suggests.

"I wouldn't even consider him as a friend."

"Gracie, you both have been in the same clique for like 5 years, I guess you are friends," Pansy tries to convince me.

"No, no, no, no friends, just friendly with each other when we have to be, you know?" They both behold at me with confused faces.

"Okay, okay, I know what you are, you have a friendly-hate relationship!" Daphne looks delighted by her concept. Pansy giggles and I just don't want to talk about it anymore.

"Yes, okay, something like that," I give in so we can finally move to another topic.

After a few more comments about Draco and me, we decide to finally go to the sorting ceremony, we are already running late, like always, so we hurry to catch up with the boys.

"Here they come!", says Blaise loudly to Theo and Malfoy, so we can hear him.

"Sorry, we are late," I apologize. We are sitting at the end of the table, I stare at the free seats, one next to Blaise, one between Blaise and Malfoy, and one on the opposite, next to Theo. I catch Theo and he glares at Pansy to sit next to him, Daphne just sits down ist the nearest seat, next to Blaise. I sit down between Draco and Zabini. It's quiet for a few moments, around us chatting and laughing. Blaise moves constantly, "What the hell are you trying?", I question.

"I am trying to find Luna, you know the blond ravenc-", he says, but I cut him off.

"Of course, I know who Luna is! You have a crush on her forever," I exclaim a little bit too loud.

"Shush it!", he warns me. Draco chuckles, and I join in. While the new students walk in the great hall, I observe Theo and Pansy, he tries to hold her hand, but she pulls away, poor Theo. They hooked up multiple times at parties, always completely drunk, but they never ended up as an official couple. Theo wants them to be in a relationship, I can tell.

Everyone was sorted, Dumbledore announces the feast and a person comes up behind me and Draco. As Draco notices who it is he sighs pretty loud. I feel him moving up to me. A little girl appears behind him and leans down, „Hi Draco!"

Oh hell no, I can tell who it is without even seeing her, Astoria Greengrass. She is Daphne's little sister, I guess she starts her 5th year today. Without any shame, she sits down next to Draco and takes his fork out of his hands, and eats from his plate. "Blimey! Astoria go the back to your own friends!" Daphne is always so annoyed by her sister, but we all are. Daph sometimes tries to get along with her, but most times it doesn't work. Astoria tries to be friends with us for years, she hates me and Pansy, only because we are the girls who are always pretty close to Draco, besides her sister. Draco is her "secret" crush, well, I am pretty sure everyone knows she likes him a lot. With an angry face she holds up her middle finger to Daphne, Daphne isn't even looking at her, she just keeps eating. I am so glad I do not have a younger sibling.

Astoria puts Draco's fork down, "So, Draco, what are you doing tonight? Would you be down to hang out with me?" Draco almost spits out his water and Theo, who listens to the conversation too, has to hold back his laughter by covering his mouth with his hand.

"No, I am not interested," he replies dryly, but she isn't planning to let go of her suggestion.

"Why not?" Astoria starts to rub Draco's thigh, now we all stare at her. Pansy's jaw dropped, Blaise chuckles in shock and amusement, and Daphne is clearly ashamed of her Sister's flirting skills.

She mumbles in her hands, "Astoria, please just leave."

Draco is embarrassed, but at the same time, it is also hard for him not to laugh. "I have plans since it's a Saturday night."

"With who? Can I come?"

Draco hesitates to answer, but then he puts his hand on my thigh and leans slightly back. Astoria has now a full view of how Draco squeezes my thigh. Her bitchy smile turns into a jealous glance and I am literally in shock. The others gasp so loud. Her face begins to turn red. I grin at this situation, it is actually really funny. Till she runs away I don't realize how good his hand feels on my thigh. I see how he blushes as I look at him, I also feel my cheeks getting warm, quickly he takes his hand away and apologizes.

"It's fine, there was no other way to shake her off."

I smiled at him, awkwardly.

After a few seconds of weird silence, Blaise speaks up, "Anyways, I heard there is a Party tonight..."

I step into our dorm, apparently, we forgot to lock the door, "I am sure we locked it!", barks Pansy, as she walks in.

My mouth dropped. Clothes everywhere. Some of them were ripped apart.

"Bloody hell, what the fuck happened?", I ask.

"I am pretty sure I know who made this," mutters Daphne under her breath. I look at her a little bit shocked, but I see her point, "You really think she would do that?"

She just nods, without any comment. Pansy claps her hands, "Well, she is mad, Daphne told her to piss off,-"

"For a good reason!" Daphne yells and interrupts Pansy.

"Yes! Yes, for a very good reason and she is mad because Draco doesn't want to hang out with her and used Gracie as an excuse, I mean she already hates you, Gracie."

I breathe heavily out, "Yeah I know, but Draco decided it would be a good plan to make her leave, I mean it worked, but I had no clue she would do that."

Pansy hunkers down, "I am sorry Gracie, but these ripped ones are yours," oh, fuck this, "come on, we will confront her, then we know for sure if it was Astoria."

Gladly the door is open, in the moment we enter the room the bathroom door opens, Astoria is one of Daphne's Party dresses. Astoria's face is pale now, so is Daphne's, while they start to scream at each other, I pick up the other clothes of us she stole. Pansy and I agree to leave. We don't want to be too late for the Party.

"What the hell goes on in her mind?" Pansy falls backward in her bed.

"Jealousy," I answer as I sit on the ground going through our stuff.

"She really believes the thing between you and Draco, she should know what it is between you."

"We don't know what goes on in her mind. I was just as shocked as she was when Draco squeezed my thigh, okay?"

We both laugh and Pansy sits up, "You really still believe there is nothing between you?"

I think about it for a moment, "Anything else than hate? No."

We will see what you say when you are drunk tonight!"

I throw a shirt at her, "Now shut up and get ready!"

"Fuck her! She is such a bitch!" Daphne storms into the room and the door behind her shut with a loud bang.

"What happened?!" shouts Pansy through the closed bathroom door.

"Just screaming at each other and ripping her clothes."

"You ripped her clothes too?" I am really impressed. She nods.

"I am fucking proud of you, bestie!" yelled Pansy again out of the bathroom.

"Yeah, I am too," I tell Daphne, "and I think she's a bitch too, she literally ripped my dress for tonight apart." I hold up a white silky dress, it was so beautiful. Daphne apologizes again for Astoria's behavior.

Pansy comes out of the shower with a huge smile on her face, "I might have there something for you!", she searches her closet and then shows me a black shiny dress, it seems really tight, "My mom just bought it for me at the beginning of summer, I gained a bit weight since then and I am convinced it doesn't fit me anymore."

"Oh my goodness, Pansy, this is beautiful, but you didn't gain weight," I tell her.

"Whatever, just take that dress, it didn't even look good on me, I brought it here because my mom would be hurt if I tell her I don't like it on me. Try it on now!" She shoves me into the bathroom and as I come out both of them gasp.

After I finished my hair, I help Pansy with hers, Daphne is ready too, "Everyone ready?" Pansy and I confirm her question. The three of us go over to the Boy's Dormitory.

"Hello gentlemen!", I push the door open with open arms and walk in. Blaise stands in front of the mirror, Theo is in the bathroom putting perfume on and Draco stands in the middle of the room, he tries hard to close the buttons of his black shirt.

"Aww, Malfoy, can't you button up your shirt alone?", I tease him. He looks me up and down with a small smirk, but says nothing. "Does the little boy need help?", I ask playfully.

He raises an eyebrow and sends me the same energy back, "Yes mommy, please." I go up to him and run my hands from his shoulders over his chest and then over his stomach till I reach the end of his shirt. I can feel his eyes burning on me. I button his shirt up, but completely wrong to piss him off. "Well, I would say we are ready!" I pat his chest playfully. "Oh, you are evil," he hisses as I walk out with Theo and Blaise. I turn around to look at him, he stares deep into my dark brown eyes.

"Can't you handle it?"

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