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People theorize about overwatch beign a paralel universe to ours, that theory was not confirmes until young Lucia committed suicide and suddendly waking up on route 66. with the help of new people, she will need to find 20 crystals from the gods and return them to angel lilith, the angel that watches over the dimensions, and maybe return to earth, or rest in peace forever

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Tethered to religion that was never my own.

The vessel that bore me died so I could live on.

Yet you couldn’t accept the burden of losing her life,

You could have raised me,

Instead you roused me to die.

You always looked at me like I was a fake,

A mirror of someone,

A mere facade.

And still I tried to greet you, to meet my own dad,

You broke the reflection that I never could have.

A bruise I carried over to dormitorium

Turned to hall of reminders I never met you,

I cursed out your name,

Why did I have your face?

I never met you yet you haunt me to this day.

My Mother, oh Mother, you cursed me to stay,

In a broken world while your flesh rots away,

The decay of my mind that I face day to day.

If I had a choice I’d have taken your place.

I walked alone back home after a day of abuse,

To meet an outstretched hand,

...Dad, is it finally you?

I wanted a hug, I wanted to feel your embrace.

But instead of a hug, you invited me to your disgrace.

A tether I longed to forget about,

The cult that brought me to life,

Wanted me as the crown.

I finally had it, disgusted by you.

For the first time in my life

I was the one to refuse.

You never saw me as a person, just another Her.

I flinched as I saw your hand rise up above

But you couldn’t even do that,

Oh coward you are.

You drove me outside to never return.

“I can’t look at you no more, it shouldn’t have been her”

You left me out here so I might as well stay,

Walking to feel the wind brush against my face,

The water below is a welcoming sight

I finally jump off to put an end to this life.

Falling off this bridge I feel it’s embrace,

It wants me falling off the Pearly Gates,

But to meet her again and stare her in the face,

I reject risking that sight,

I reject your afterlife.

I prayed to the darkness,

For the Reaper to come,

Before water fills my lungs,

I hear the shot of a gun.

I looked up above to see death carrying me,

Dressed in robes pure black,

Wielding not a scythe but shotguns.

In the middle of warfare,

I read up as my senses clicked,

“Welcome to Deadlock,

you’re in Route Sixty-Six!”

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