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Nicole is fourteen years old now, when she was 5 her stepfather raped her repeatedly through out the years her mom never knew until Nicole finally had the courage to say something about it…. Her mom was furious and didn’t know what to do… but she ended up going to the Denver police station and tell them….

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Big Family

It was 1994 and it was a hot day in Arkansas Texas. Nicole was 4 years old playing outside in the backyard she was the babygirl her mom had 6 kids 4 boys & 2 girls... Her husband of 20 years passed away in 1990 he's been gone for 4 years. But her mom debra met Scott a few years ago & they automatically had a connection and they ended up dating & have been dating since. Scott worked in construction & made good money.

Well that day Scott & Debra were getting ready to drive out to Denver Colorado too go look at a house they found out there because Scott was going to be working out there in Denver. So they were moving. Debra mom was coming over to watch the kiddos while they went to Denver.

There were 4 boys oldest to youngest Frank was 15 Gary was 12 Ethan was 7 and there Aaron he 5. And there was 2 girls oldest was 18 her name is Avery she moved out a few years back and there was Nicole the baby girl shes 4

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