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Nobody is perfect we all have our flaws & habits and things. It’s life but I’ve experienced alot in my life & im sharing my story my experiences and what I believe experiences mean…

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Been Through Things…

I'm only 34 years old, And well let's just say I've been through many things in my life... My parents had 2 kids my Brother (Danny & I) we were good kids believe it or not... we had our ways but we loved our parents...

I remember being small & was always thinking about life and I would always think ahead like in my mind what would happen if my mom passed and im left alone... it was always scary too me because at the time it felt like I wouldn't be able handle it... I was scared of the world.... I was shy I didn't think I could go on without my family.

A few people in my family didn't think I could handle it either they said I wasn't stable enough to hold a house down, i knew someone that said in her exact words Give it 6 months and she'll be homeless.

It was like they wanted too see me fail because some people knew me (Lorainne) but my nickname that everyone calls me (Rainy) was nothing but an alcoholic & one lady told other people that i sleep with me too get my fix... smh which that wasn't true.

People were quick to judge me, some of them didn't even know me that well some didn't know me at all, they were just talking too give them something too do... Was something's true that they said? well they said alot of things and yes some was true... In my life i was an alcoholic i drank every day to give me something to do, I started smoking marijuana at a young age and cigarettes.

One point in my life i was wild & partied hard, went to jail 3 or 4 times for public intoxication... all kinds of stuff...

And the people that were judging me was worse off then me well some of them...

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