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Jolie was a new girl in school she was from Ireland didn’t know anyone until she met curt. Curt became her new best friend until something happened at school

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Jolie’s First Day

Jolie woke up that morning, She was nervous It was her first day at a new school. Her family moved here from Ireland... It was her, her mom, dad and she had a little brother & little sister....

Jolie was a freshman this year, her first day in high school in a new town she doesn't know anyone.... she had to get herself together while she walked in the school. Her parents wanted to walk her in but she quickly said No because that would be embarrassing. She wore some dark bluejeans & a purple crop top with some white k-swiss. She wore her long blonde hair down, she kinda felt confident. She took a deep breath & walked in the building.

She stopped & looked everything was huge inside... next thing she knows this handsome boy was walking toward her he had wavy brown hair...

Hello my name is Curt you must be Jolie yes that's my name how do you know?? Well let's just say i know more than you think he chuckled and said let me take you too your first class...

They walked down this long hallway & stopped in front of this blue door & said well this is your home room first period her name is Mrs. Barnes she's pretty cool. I'll be right next door if you need anything Curt said... She nodded her head & walked in..

Well hi you must be Jolie, my name is Mrs. Barnes & I'm your home room teacher you'll be seeing me twice a day... Pick any where you'd like to sit I'll be eventually moving everyone so dont get to comfortable she chuckled...

Jolie looked around and picked the seat by the window & smiled too herself this isn't too bad & curt isn't either she thought..

The class started too fill up & mrs. Barnes started passing out these packets that we had to fill out about ourselves & tomorrow we would stand infront of the class and introduce ourselves...

Soon the bell had rung it went by fast then Mrs. Barnes said See y'all after lunch...

Before Jolie even had a chance to walk away Curt was already by her side... So you ready for 2nd period he asks??

Sure Jolie said... And they wslked together to 2nd period & this time they had that class together it was English...

The day went on going....

Curt was awesome today and helped her out alot...

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Lorainne Simmons Single mom been through a lot in my life, I enjoy to write it keeps me going, I’m not that good I’m still learning but I do enjoy to write… another thing I like to do is spend time with my daughter she’s a growing child and I love her so much!!! She’s all I have left after losing my immediate family

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