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Devin was a young kid bouncing from foster care to foster care and didn’t really have a real place to call home. Didn’t know his family or anything… One day Devin was tired of living in the system so he ran away and wanted too find his family he didn’t even know where too start or where to go or who to ask he juSt knew he needed to find her This story takes you on devins journey to find his mom.

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The Beginnings

When Devin was born, his mom was too young too raise him, she was only 13 years old. Her name was Jackie. Jackie didn't intentionally get pregnant at an young age she was raped when she was just 12 years old...

The doctors didn't think her body could handle carrying a baby so they kept close monitor on her, she was in and out the hospital, had many scares and went through alot of pain and hurt.

But in the early hours of 3 am on November 15 2011 she had a beautiful 6 pounds 7 ounces baby boy..

Jackie was young and couldn't raise a baby on her own, she wanted to keep her baby but there was no way she could because she was only 13 and she couldn't let her mom have custody because well her mom was a alcoholic. the doctors asked her if she had any other family members but she said no..

Jackie kissed her baby & named him Devin. She held on too him for a long time & promised Devin she'd always be near and she's giving him up because shes young. but she will never stop looking for him.

After that a nurse came & took Devin away and that was the last time she saw him...

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