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A little bit about my family and us growing up, just sharing a little bit about my life story…

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Growing up

My Parents met each other at a bar i think, if i can remember correctly i was young when they told me that story. well my brother Danny was born first he was born on August 15 1985. Then my parents had me 3 years later i was born on September 4 1988, my name is Lorainne im 34 years old. i was born in Galveston Texas. My daddy was older than my mom, but my daddy loved her. they loved each other. They both made sure my brother and i have everything we needed. My mom & dad raised us right. my daddy was in the army he was a coast guard. My daddy even gotten us a house. he wanted to make sure we had a roof over our head. My brother and i had a love hate relationship you know we did the normal brother and sister fighting and arguing but he always was over protective of me he would have fought behind me. lol i always wanted to follow my brother around i wanted to go every where with him, but i knew I couldn't. We would take family trips to the ferry and Walmart. I remember alot of those times. Alot of good memories. My dad loved to bbq and when he would bbq he would bbq alot of meat and share with family and friends. I remember one time we were going to go on a vacation with my aunt to San Antonio but we needed money and at the time my daddy didnt have it, but he went out and borrowed the money just so we could go.My daddy and mom was awesome parents and i know they loved us with all there heart.

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