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Pure as snow

Snowflakes are falling gently down on me.

The air is full of promises. Snow of the purest

white, innocent, like virginity. Never touched by

human hands. Never stepped on by human feet.

This is how our love should be.

Nothing must come between us, keep of ours

souls with your dirty hands, don't step on our

hearts with your dirty feet. The snowflakes are

falling, a magical white world. I have been thinking

of you how we walk here together, a world of

the purest white.

The air is full of expectations, and good things for

the future. Snowflakes are falling down on my shoulders,

in my hair, and it feels so good. The sun is shining carefully

through the clouds, and the sun shining in my heart again.

The white snow is fulfilling me with joy, and hope for whatever

will come my way.

The purest snow, like an innocent love.

I must cherish these memories, the white world and hope

for the future in the air. White snow, like a love that will stay.

Never touched by hands, and never stepped on with someone's feet.

That's how it should be.

Pure and tenderly, this white snow falling down on me, remembering

of you and me, what we have with each other is how it must have to be.

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