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So much to give

Put your arms around me,

your body is close to mine.

This is the moment that I've been waiting for.

To be by your side, together we can

make it, we have the world so much to give.

We are down to earth people, and see the beauty

in a lot of things. Let's create something together,

especially for both of us. So we can take everything

out of life, what will be in it. Everyone around us

who we like is always welcome by us.

So we can enjoy the company, souls that we are

feel comfortable with. People who have been lost and find

their way back along the way, are also welcome to

stay. Together we can keep each other in balance,

and no one can tear us apart. People stay friends as

long if they are open and honest with us.

With your arms around me,

and your body is close to mine,

you whisper; darling I love you, at my right ear,

and I say; I just love you more. Together we can make it,

we learn and discover what life and love is all about.

Our friends will join us, souls that fit with each other,

You and I are special, enjoy our and other companies,

we will make it, we will find our way, and who will join us

is welcome to stay, if they meant it in a good way.

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