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I open my heart to you,

I let you in, your hand lies in mine.

Together you and me against the world.

With you by my side, I feel stronger than

ever before

Two lost souls find each other,

I's like it has to be this way,

no matter what people say, being with you

feels like coming home. You are my anchor,

that makes me stay in my place, you are

just what I needed.

I lost the road along the way, didn't know

where to go, with you I find my way back,

and now we walk this road together. My love

for you is so big, you are my world, my everything.

In your heart I want to live and nowhere else.

You are always in my thoughts, you are a part of me.

Can't imagine a life without you. I admire you, you

are a free spirit and I learn from you. You say that I

have changed your life, you have found what you

were looking for.

Let's walk this road together, closing doors and open

new ones, to find what we can learn when we get

through it. I can read in your eyes promises for our

future together. I will do everything that's possible

to stay with you. I love you and your authenticity

from now on it's you and me.

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