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In my imagination,

we are meant for each other.

In my imagination only you and

me, we will fit so well together.

Just like a hand in a glove.

In reality I know that you are with someone

else, but I never lose hope, I keep on dreaming

of you. I hope my dreams become something

real. You seem so far away from me.

Sometimes I see you stare at me, but I know

that you have someone. I think of you all day,

and you are there in my dreams. It makes me

feel so desperate, to see you together with her.

I long for the impossible, it's something that

I realize. But it's just stronger than me, you

are the only man I see before me, I don't

have eyes for someone else but you.

I just love you and always will.

I know that I must try to find someone else,

but it's so difficult, you see. I always see you

by my side, walking hand in hand together.

Maybe my dreams become the truth, and we

will get something together.

But now you are still with her,

and I feel so powerless, I can't do anything,

about it. I can only wait. My love for you is

so strong, I will put everything aside to be with you.

I must wait and see what the future has in store,

it always be you that I adore.

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