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On each other's mind

You are always there,

Always at the back of my mind.

With everything I do during the day,

you are always there. Like you are always

with me, but it only happens in my head.

You are busy with a lot of things, but you said

you were always thinking of me. We are always

in each other's thoughts. I was at the beach today.

Watching the birds pass by, on their way to the


They make noise, speak in their own language,

and I wish that I was one of them, that was what

I thought. If their flight brought me closer to you,

because you are somewhere in the south, miles away

from me.

The waves of the sea make their own sound, the rhythm

of the sea. I like the sea, the sea is a constant factor, and

there we met, you and me. soon we will be together again,

and look each other into the eyes.

In fact we were together the whole time, because we

were always on the back of each other's mind.

When we see each other, again, we will go to the beach

that day, walking and leaving footprints at the sand.

And we will be so happy together, watching the sun

go down, hand in hand.

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