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Standing in an open field,

and the wind is softly blowing,

it's whispering your name. The

wild flowers around me, waving

with the wind, and the flowers

don't lose their authenticity.

They are like you, strong and survived

every circumstance always stands up again,

even after the heaviest storm. Just like

the way you are, always staying yourself,

and never changing for anyone.

And it begins to rain, and I hide in an

old barn, owl eyes staring at me.

I think at the last time that we were

together, you said that you will be with

me no matter what will happen.

I still feel your lips on mine when we

say goodbye. The wind and the rain are

slowing down, and a few owls fly above

me in the barn, hooted, and going outside.

I know that the time is there, to be open

to you about my love for you. I wanted

to be with you in a relationship together,

you and me. Tomorrow I will meet you

again, and we will speak out our feelings

for each other, that's what I hope.

I am at the open field again, and the

wind is still whispering your name.

It gives me hope for the future, and

for the day that will come, we shall

enjoying each other's company, and

I just know that everything will be

going well, because we are meant to be.

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