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The colors that live inside of you, make you the person that you are.

Stay close to yourself, don't lose the bright colors in your heart and soul.

Try to be in good company, with souls who are matching with yours.

So you can be friends for life, can go with the other one through the same

door. People can change along the way, experience and discovering life.

But it's the trust that keeps people together, without it, friendships are

like sand that slips through your fingers and you stand with empty hands.

Having trust in the other one is like building a home together, a solid one

that protect you in every circumstance helps you through the storms in your

life. It's just an example for what I mean to say, in your journey and on your

path in life, you have to build a bond with the people that you care about.

You have to crawl before you learn to walk, friendship is something that

you build with little steps to have a solid band for life, so you can count

on each other, when things are getting tough, together you are standing

stronger, and you felt more confident about the decisions you can make.

Real friendships are like strong flowers that are bent but not will break, they

will survive, it's an important thing, that will help you through the path of life.

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