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cristian-orellana Cristian Orellana

In the face of wasted potential and failure. Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash

Poésie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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The sadness of millenia,

the weight of empires.

Let me be, now,

let me free.

The judgement abundant,

and silent mockery.

I wish you away,

as a mad man, I wish.

The loneliness of stars,

and the solitude of stone.

I feel you deeply,

you sorround me.

The regret of soldiers,

and shame of thieves.

I must admit,

alone, I must.

Here now the stars are waiting

for swift action and power.

They await the death and destruction

of these blasphemous cities.

To burn them I wish,

to bring all to the ground.

To scream my anger and anguish,

to shatter all!

Chaos I ride.

This stallion wildest and bravest.

This energy unleashed, I must control.

For many deaths has it created,

and many tears has it called.

It was once imprisoned,

and sick and lost.

But the legends say it can be tamed,

and be free and bright.

All I have now is the clock and my nightmares.

All I have is the torment and rage.

All I have is a speck of hope,

that has travelled worlds with me.

I still believe,

like a mad man, I believe.

Onwards I go, to moon and sun.

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Cristian Orellana In search of sanity and peace. I write short poems, they give me solace and happiness. Rather dark and cryptic, I do hope they connect with someone. I am an amateur writer, and I hope to improve the more I write and learn. Thank you for reading. I also do some instagraming, look for me as @chirimantecman.

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