Lynette Joy

When Myste's parents are murdered she has to take care of her six year old brother Erin. Her eyes have also been opened to their new reality. It is one that is filled with danger around every corner. You would be lucky if you lived another day. Ten years later... Her life gets even harder when Erin and her become prodigies. When her brother goes missing in the middle of the night she almost gives up. That is when she is discovered by a unique group of people who she soon discovers are villians. After this encounter she will have to make a life changing decision. Will she search for her brother or become a villian....

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In the early hours of the morning I silently crept down the stairs, trying my hardest to miss the creaking spots. I wanted to watch my father as he created but I was never allowed up before seven o'clock. Gently, I stepped on the floor tentatively with one foot soon followed by the other.

"Myste, what are you doing up so early?" A voice spoke softly into the morning hours. I hadn't even made a sound. It was a habit of mine to always try and sneak around but dad always heard me. I stepped fully around the bend and into the living room.

"I wanted to see what you were creating. I never get to see what your power is and what you create. And I think that is very unfair. I am your daughter after all." I said with an upset tone.

"Myste... some things aren't supposed to be seen or heard of by the younger generation."

"But dad, I'm seven now."

"I know. I know. But we are going through a trying time where it isn't safe to share important information with the younger children. The less you know the more you'll be safe. Trust me."

"I trust you, but-" A knock on the door interrupted me. A flash of fear flashed across dad's face but it was gone before I could blink.

"Myste, go get mom up and tell her we have company. Now!" The urgency in his voice made me rush as fast as I could to mom's room.

"Mom! Dad says we have company and he needs you!" I shouted into her sleeping world. She jolted out of bed and raced to my little brother's, room. Leaning over she picked him up and wrappend him a blanket and then handed him to me.

"I need you to listen very carefully to what I'm about to say. In your room their's a painting that leads to a secret place underground. Stay there until we come get you. If we don't come back, take care of your brother." My mom hurriedly pushed these words from her mouth and before I could ask why they wouldn't be able to come and get us she was gone. I ran for the painting in my room, unlocked and opened it, and got in the space with Erin before I closed and locked it behind us. The room was bigger than I had imagined. Inside the room were five more paintings that each led to a different room with more paintings. There was a sudden bang that shook the house and the secret rooms. Another bang. Dead silence. My parents didn't come and get us that night. I waited for hours and they never came. After a day of waiting and hearing nothing I ventured into the house. Their was a horrible smell that clung to the walls. It bittered the roof of my mouth and made me want puke. I walked to the front door and screamed. My parents were dead. Their eyes frozen in terror forever. I turned around and saw slip of paper that was splattered with blood. I picked it up. On the paper it read ,What stands in light will kill, what stands in darkness tourtures. You will never be safe as long as I live, little Mysterious.

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