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DEATH WISH Blurb Jaylen accidentally summoned a creature. Jaylen and his friends goes camping in a forest and the creature will hunt them down. They will survive and run away from the blood thirsty-flesh eating creature, but will they survive The creature? This story was written by an award winning writer, Noah Rowland. And join in the story filled with action packed violence. 🎖one point was top 5 trending stories in the whole of australia in inkspired🏅

Horreur Horreur Adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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I am on my couch in my living room texting my friends in a group chat if they would like to go explore tomorrow 8:30am for an adventure.

Because we are all adventurous people, they all agreed, we haven't explored in a while. But now it is the time to go back to exploring. I already packed my bags and sorted my clothes for tomorrow because I knew they would've agreed. They love it as much as I do.I sat straight up on the grey couch and grabbed the book on the circular wooden table. It was titled in white at the bottom "Death" and the author at the top written in white "M. J" in the same font as the story title in an antic font at the top that's written. And they wrote the bottom in a bold font. The front cover had a dark forest.

I turned the page and read the blurb. It was about these 5 people that the main character "Jayden"

messaged his friends to go camping in the woods. And that there is a creature that's going to hunt them down. I felt somewhat drawn in the story. I opened the book to the first page, and I started reading the first chapter. Know how some stories don't have chapter names? This one doesn't it just says "1" as in chapter 1. So I read the first page, and it was creepily similar to what I was doing so far today. Texting my friends to go adventuring. And that the main character in the story's name is my name. And I said I enjoyed adventuring, and that adventuring likes it as much as I do.

My first reaction from reading the first chapter is like. What are the odds of that happening? But then I realized, it is no way a book can be like what I was doing. So, I kept reading on to see if it's just a coincidence. I read the second chapter. What happened is they drove to the lequise woods, they parked their car in front of the forest and went camping? And then a creature said to be tall, lanky, white-glowing eyes, teeth sharp as a scalpel, as big as an index finger and smaller, pitch black, and a 3 foot red tongue. I knew this story was fake.

The story did, for sure, spook me. It is late; I have been reading for 24 minutes. 11:54pm. So, I went to bed and slept...

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Noah Rowland Noah Rowland
Thankyou for the response greatly appreciated!
January 26, 2023, 10:17
Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
What a start! I got chills from the get go and I know the rest will be just as chilling! loved this chapter
January 26, 2023, 10:16
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