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Catherine wanted to be rich.

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Chapter one

The day was gloomy. It was late November. I, Katharina, was a child of eight and lost my parents ten days ago. I only vaguely remembered her. All the memories were gone like a magpie snatching a person's silverware from the table, clutching it in its claws and never to be seen again.

- 12 years later.

I was now a young woman. Life had taught me one thing, and that was never to trust anyone wholeheartedly and to tell their whole life story. I was sane but something was missing. It was something that was taken from me, first my parents, my boyfriend Sepp at sixteen, then my mind. I had disappeared and reappeared naturally in my imagination dreams. I wanted to finally see them all again, they who had left me behind. Here, lonely on this earth, lonely and full of sorrow. What should I do with my life. I was a good looking young woman in my twenties who was tormented by dark nightmares every night, who didn't think it was possible to let other people into her heart, who knew what she wanted and that was to finally become RICH, content and not having to worry about money make. Preferably so rich that no one would speak to me anymore, unreachably protected by personal security. Maybe a handsome friend who would read my every wish from my lips.

- 16 years later.

i was famous Had plenty of money, rode in the familiar black sedan with a chauffeur named Harley who made eyes at me every day hoping to do my laundry, was overly aloof, out of reach for everyone, arrogant because I didn't trust anyone, and narcissistic . Went through life thinking people just wanted my money. Whenever I met people who were very kind to me, she treated them with ice-cold arrogance. Then one day it was all gone and the person I had been, who almost everyone had treated with courtesy, was emotionally disregarded and verbally trampled upon. I lost my entire fortune in the twinkling of an eye, the fortune of my hope, the money.

-5 years later.

When I first tasted the light of hope, money, hoping that it would satisfy me, I had become even more greedy for money. More greedy and had done things that were impossible but I had done them just to be more famous. I had been a famous director with an acting career and was notorious for my talent. My acting talent and the sense of turning men's heads so that they only had to read my wishes from my lips. The desire that screamed in me with full organ; Celebrity!

But meanwhile I had been behind bars for a short time, so to speak, and then I had tasted the light of hope again, the MONEY in the hope of gaining satisfaction from it. Still famous, even traumatized from her time in prison, she stepped into the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

- 23 years later.

Death lurked in every nook and cranny that had always been my belief. I had been waiting for him since I was eight years old. The money and fame hadn't made me happy. I've flown high and fallen low all my life. Over and over again. With empty pockets I went to the grave.

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