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Samuel Watcher is one of my characters from a bigger project that I have, in his story we will watch from his eyes his descend into conflicts to big for him to handle, it is said that every scar has a story. I wonder what a mind can tell

Thriller/Mystère Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The fate of all quitters

???: So, should we start from the beginning again Mr. Watcher?

[Mr. Watcher looks at his surroundings, the same old gray walls. not the best decision of color for a Psychiatrist room, it just makes me more anxious] [The sound of that noisy clock, always distracts me...]

???: Mister Watcher [The woman in front of the man snaps her fingers in front of the man’s face]

Sam: Sam is Fine, Doc...

Doc: Daydreaming again?

Sam: I’m fine....

Doc: Of course, you are... [Sounds of person writing on a notebook]

Doc: If you were fine, you wouldn’t be here...

Sam: . . .

Doc: Then, where were we?

Sam: [Sigh] It was a rainy day...

Sam: It was supposed to be a normal night at work.

Sam: We would drive from one point to another...

Sam: Knock on the door of the client. Sam: Then trade a package for another.

Sam: Then we would load the package into the trunk and drive back

Doc: You mentioned you’re a delivery driver?

[A pause of silence]

Sam: Sorta...

[Sam closes his eyes while he rests back on the chair]

[The sound of clock becomes louder and....]

[The sound of a back trunk is opened]

[He opens his eyes, and he is back to that rainy day]

[December 24th, 203X, 11:35pm]

[It was a cold night]

[The sound of the water going down the drain]

[The sound of faraway cars]

[The water drops soaking my coat]

[And the muffling noises of the person in the trunk]

Sam’s Coworker: Seems like the they didn’t put enough drugs into this one.

Sam’s Coworker: Mind putting our friend in here to sleep?

[Sam is surrounded on a maze of low-class suburbs]

[A really dark hallway, seems like we’re in the back of a rundown hotel building]

[Sam punches the person with the black cloth sack on his head with his left first]

Sam’s Coworker: Huh... Didn't know you were left-handed.

Sam: Does it matter?

[The bag stops moving]

Sam’s Coworker: I guess not.

Sam’s Coworker: get inside

[Sound of a car trunk being shut closed]

[They get inside of the car; Sam gets into the co-driver seat]

[Sam’s coworker grabs the driver seat; They close the doors and drive off]

Sam: Hey Will-

Will: What?

Sam: You haven’t told me what are we going to do with this guy?

Will: Pfft, the same as always...

Sam: You know what I mean, what did guy this guy do?

Will: He... Hid some information from us, boss wants it.

Will: ‘Don’t know the rest.

Sam: That’s all?

[Will, making eye contact with Sam while he responds]

Will: That is all...

Will: You know damn well our job isn’t to question boss’ orders.

Sam: But don’t you think it’s weird our next stop is not the hideout but an empty warehouse?

Will: . . .

Sam: Will... what’s happening?

Will: nothing.

Sam: . . .

Will: The boss just wanted a special place for our guest, for some reason he didn’t want him back at home.

Sam: A safehouse?

Will: Well, we’re still gonna punch the shit out him until he spills the beans out, he-he.

[He says while he gets a cigar out of his coat]

Will: Mind lighting up this one?

[Will Says as he puts the cigar between his fingers]

[As Sam leans down to the auxiliary socket he pops it out and it falls to the ground]

Sam: Shit, I dropped it.

Will: ‘You serious?

Sam: Don’t worry I have it.

Will: Yeah?

Sam: Almost...

Will: That reminds me, it’s almost Christmas, what are your plans?

Will: Going out for dinner with the kids?

Sam: No, just dinner at home

[Says while picking up the Auxiliary plug]

[But the moment he gets up a police siren is heard behind them]

Will: Ah... shit!

Will: Did I pass a red light by accident?

Sam: Just play it cool.

Will: Yeah, yeah, I know...

[They stop the car near the sidewalk]

Sam: Here they come...

Police officer A: [knocks on the window of the driver seat]

[Will slowly turns down the window]

Will: What’s the problem, officer?

Police officer A: May I see your ID?

Will: You mean my driver license?

Police officer A: Yes.

[While Will searches inside his pockets for his driver’s license, Sam uses the back mirror to watch the other police officer]

[The other police officer was talking too much on his phone, while never moving his head to the sides]

Will: Here it is!

[Will gives his driver’s license to the police officer]

[While the police officer checks Will driver’s license, Sam uses the opportunity to check the first police officer too]

[The police officer has a tattoo on the back on his neck, he also notices that he has a steady grip on his gun]

[The police grabs his radio on his left shoulder, the chatter is unrecognizable]

Sam: Something ain’t right. [He whispers]

Will: Huh?

[Sam looks behind through the back mirror again, the other police officer exited his vehicle while not shutting the door behind him]

[Sam looks again at the officer beside Will who is distracted by the radio chatter, he is sweating from the neck...]

Will: Everything alright, officer?

Police officer A: Ok, we’ll need you to open your trunk.

[In the moment the police officer turns back to Inside the car, is blasted by Sam sidearm]

Will: HEY!!!

[Suddenly, the other police officer starts returning fire as well]

Sam: DUCK!


[The shots break the windows from behind, splattering glass into the front seats]

[Sam returns fire to the other police officer, killing him in an instant]

Sam: Drive!

[Sounds of wheels burning and leaving marks on the street are heard across the entire block]

Will: Who the hell were those guys?

Sam: Don’t act like you don’t know... NOW, you are going to tell me what is happening?

Will: FINE... you got me... Can’t hide anything from you, can I?

Will: The guy in the trunk is the son to the leader of the Tresoli family

Sam: And when were you planning to tell me?

Will: Boss tasked me not to tell you!


Sam: Great idea; you and boss had.

Sam: How did that turn out?

Sam: With two police officers dead in the streets!

Will: Hey, they weren’t police officers, they were...

Sam: IT DOESN’T MATTER! Now we’re framed for it!

Will: …

Sam: The worst part is that this was rigged to happen.

[The sound of another car accelerating and getting closer to them is heard]

Sam: We are being followed.

Will: I’m working on it, as long as this piece of junk doesn’t break down

Sam: Turn right!

Will: What? Why? [Sam quickly grabs the wheel from Will and does a hard right turn]

[Wheels screeching rumbles down the street]

[And a hail of bullets hits their car multiple times]

Will: JESUS!

Will: That one almost hit me!

Sam: They must have prepared people ahead of time in case their police officer act failed.

Sam: Keep your eyes open.

Will: Aye! I will be careful as a...

[Once Sam, faces the road again he sees a car about to ram at full speed into them]

Sam: WATCH IT!!!

[The car rams into theirs pushing them inside a small restaurant, breaking the big windows of it]

[Glass, bricks, bullets, parts of the car and pieces of the empty restaurant come out flying]

Sam: [mumbling noises]

Will: Sam! Are you alright?!

Sam: Forget about it, grab your gun...

Will: I can’t open my door.

Will: Grab the package! AND GET OUT OF HERE!!!

[Just after that, two shoots come from outside the restaurant breaking the back view mirror in the process]

[Will takes cover by ducking inside the car]

Will: This night is just starting huh?

[While he loads his snub nose revolver, and picking rounds off the

floor of the car]

[Will peaks again to return fire]


[while on it, Sam goes to the back of the car as Will keeps them distracted]

[The trunk is a little bent, but Sam hopes the guy in there is still alive]

[Sam opens the trunk, and he sees blood soaking down the neck from the guy inside]

[He puts two fingers on his neck and does a little bit of pressure]

[He is still alive for the moment]

[Sam grabs the guy and gets him out of the trunk]


Will: Take it to the back!

Doc: Wait a minute... So, what you’re saying is that you got hit head-on by a car who then rammed you into an empty restaurant by accident?

Sam: Yes....

Doc: Why you didn’t help your friend or check if the other person was alright?

Doc: You could have also just simply called an ambulance...

Doc: Wouldn’t that be the most prudent action?

Sam: [Is getting annoying not telling her that I work for the mob]

Sam: Well, the truth is....

[A few moments earlier]

Police officer A: Everything seems alright, sorry for the confusion sir... Will: Oh, it’s nothing! Police officer A: Drive safely...

[The police officer returns the driver’s license to Will]

[But before leaving he turns back and says]

Police Officer A: And Merry Christmas!

Will: Happy Christmas to you too!

[The cop gets in his patrol car and leaves]

Will: See! Will: Everything was alright!

Sam: I still cannot get out of my head, the idea that there might be people after us]

Will: Since when would two guys in a car be synonymous with human trafficking?

Will: We got stopped by a patrol police with, WITH TWO GUYS gad dammit!

Sam: [sigh] Just drive...

[They start moving again]

Sam: [The sounds of the clock distract me...]

Doc: So... Nothing happed with the police then?

Sam: No...

Doc: Well, you haven’t told me, when you got those scars...

Doc: Or how....

Sam: ...

[Sounds of the Doc writing in her notebook]

Doc: You may continue when you feel like it. [The Doc watches the clock on the wall making that ticking noise]

Doc: We still have plenty of time...

Doc: Remember, that confronting the problem is the only way to reach a solution

Doc: Even if it takes some time...

Sam: [Sigh]

Sam: I’m just tired...

[The sounds of the rain hitting the windshield is almost soothing]

[I barely heard the radio, when did I even turn it on?]

Will: Hey wake Up!

Will: We’re here!

[The surroundings are dark and empty, covered by sheets of metal as a roof top]

Sam: The warehouse?

Will: When did you even fall asleep?

Will: The wife didn’t let you sleep, huh?

[He says with a smirk on his face]

Sam: What hour is it?

[while clearing his eyes with the ends of his finger and thumb]

Will: About eleven fifty.

Will: Go check on our guy behind will 'ya?

[Sam opens the door and gets out of the car]

[He goes to the back and opens the trunk]

[Then as the door starts to open at the end of the warehouse, a bright light comes from it]

[Will, gets out of the car]

Will: EEH!!! MACELLAIO, over here!

[A person with a blood-soaked apron comes out, while cleaning his hands with a towel]

Will: Eh! Butcher, come take care of the “meat” we got you

Sam: Here, it’s heavy.

butcher: Let me handle it.

[The butcher carries the man out of the trunk without a problem and lifts him with a single hand]

Sam: . . .

Sam: Impressive...

Will: He wasn’t a heavy weight fighter for nothing.

[He says while lighting a new cigarette]

[Soon, the butcher leaves again into the door while closing it from behind]

Will: So... what are your plans now?

Sam: Go back home...

Sam: And Enjoy dinner with my wife and kids.

Will: You have more than one?

Will: I thought you only had one kid...

[Sam pulls a photo out of his pocket, a picture of his family, and shows it to Will not before looking at it a few seconds by himself]

Will: [whistles] Damn, if that ain’t a woman!

Will: You sure those kids are yours? Hahaha!

Sam: Shut up... [He takes the picture out of his hands]

Will: Well then, I have to go with him.

Will: You take the car; I will wait until our guy wakes up.

Will: And see what our friend has to tell us.

Will: It won’t take long knowing the butcher’s skills.

Sam: Fine, I see you later.

Will: Save me some turkey!

[He says while he throws the keys back to Sam]

Sam: Wrong festivity.

[Sam catches the keys and moves into the driver seat]

Will: [Chuckles] [Before starting the car, He murmurs to himself]

Sam: Asshole...

Will: I heard that!

Sam: Yeah, sure, just come tomorrow for breakfast.

Will: Oooh. Now I have a place to be, good stuff!

Sam: Take care Will

Will: Get out of here already!

[Sam shakes his head and leaves]

Doc: So, nothing really happened on your way to deliver the package?

[Sam takes a moment to respond]

Sam: No...

Doc: Are you aware of your problems of opening up to people?

Sam: . . .

Doc: It’s progress nonetheless.

[Writes in her notebook]


[The little sound of the tip of the pencil snaps...]

[The Psychiatrist opens a drawer in search of another pencil]

[The drawer is empty]

Doc: Seems like that was my last one.

Doc: A pen will do.

[The Psychiatrist grabs a pen from the top of the drawer table]

Doc: Well, where were we?


[Sam blinks as the pen does that distinguishing sound]

Doc: Something wrong?

Sam: You said if there was nothing wrong, then I wouldn’t be here...

[Sam stares into apparently nothing]

Doc: Hmm...

Doc: Let us continue then.

[Sam rests his head on the chair one more time, closes his eyes, and thinks]

Sam: The sound of the clock is annoying...


[The sound of the clock shifts into some kind of buzzing noise]

[Sam opens his eyes, and once again at the driver seat of the car]

[He is driving late at night, on his own]

[He looks at the other seat]

[The buzzing noise is his cellphone]

[Sam grabs his cellphone and accepts the call without even looking who it is]

Sam: Yes?

[Sound of a crowd of people]

???: Honey, can you hear me?

Sam: Barely, there is a lot of noise, where are you?

Sam’s wife: At the mall at the Mayor’s party.

Sam: I thought you said you weren't going?

Sam: Where are the kids?

Sam’s wife: With me, but don’t worry I’m going outside right now.

Sam’s wife: Can you hear me better?

Sam’s wife: Sam? Sam’s wife: Sam can you hear me?

Sam: Huh?

Sam: [What is that beeping sound...?]

Sam’s wife: Sam.?!

[The sound of fingers snapping rings in Sam’s ears]

Doc: Sam, wake up!

Sam: ?!

Sam: What?

Doc: You aren’t concentrating.

Doc: Please start again.

Doc: They weren’t at the mall that night.

Sam: What are you talking...

[Sam interrupts himself to notice the room surrounding him]

Sam: When did the gray walls change?

Sam: I don’t remember those things having that much mold...

Doc: Focus, Sam!

Doc: Do you remember where your wife was?

Doc: Close your eyes and remember....

[The sound of the button of the pen reaches Sam’s ears as if it was invading him]

[One click...]

[Two clicks...]


???: Honey, how much longer are you going to take?

Sam: Huh? What?

???: I said. How much longer are you going to take?

???: Did they ask you to do extra hours?

Sam: Oh no, I’m already done with work, I’m heading back right now

Sam: how are the kids?

Sam’s wife: They wanted to wait for you to open the presents with them.

Sam’s wife: But they fell asleep.

Sam’s wife: Being out all afternoon at the mall must have tired them.

Sam: You went to the Mayor's party?

[The sound of a bell is heard]

Sam’s Wife: Hmm?

Sam’s wife: hold on a minute there is someone at the door.

[Before opening the door she is greeted with familiar faces, peeking through the door’s peephole]

Sam wife: Oh, It’s my sister and her husband, I'll call you later, ok?

Sam: Ok bye~

[The strong clap of two palms wake up Sam]

Sam: HUUH?!

Doc: Why are you lying Sam?

Doc: That night you had no familiars visit you

Sam: I don’t get it, how am I?

Doc: FOCUS SAM! [The Doc throws Sam’s head into the chair]

Doc: Close your eyes, Sam, concentrate!

[Sam goes back to driving in the car, struggling for air]

Sam’s wife: Honey, are you ok?

Sam: Yeah, just a little tired I think

Sam’s wife: Like I was saying, I put the kids in bed and...?

Sam’s wife: Hold on a minute someone is at the door must be the Christmas carolers

Sam: Don’t open the door...

Sam’s wife: What are you talking about?

Sam: I....

Sam’s wife: You’re not smoking anything weird again, are you?

Sam: NO! I-mean, no... I-I am fine...

Sam’s wife: If you say so...

Sam: Alright, see you later.

Sam’s Wife: Oh... Ok. I Love you~

Sam: Love you too~

[Sam hangs up the call]

[And throws the phone into the other seat of the car]

[He turns the radio on, to see the time]

Sam: 1:13?

Sam: Just how much time did we spend in there?

Sam: My head hurts...

[Echoes of another voice sounds in his head]

???: hurry up Sam.

Sam: Doc? Is that you?

[Before he knew it he was already at the front of his house]

[Sam checks the clock again]

Sam: 2 am?!

Sam: There is no way I did a 10 minute ride in almost an hour...

[Sam steps out of the car, as he does his vision goes wild, making it blurry and failing to calculate the depth of the things beyond him]

Sam: What is happening...?

Doc: Almost there Sam... just hold on a little more.


[As Sam is struggling to stay still, he approaches the door to the house]

[He is in front of the door, as he opens it...]

[He is greeted with familiar voices, but....]

[The voice of his kid... the first one to be born, his wife waiting at the dinner table]

[And his younger kid jumping into his arms]

Sam: Why are their faces...?

Sam: Blurry?

Son: Dad! You’re here!!!

Sam: Weren't you in bed?

Sam: To-

[Sam felt like if his tongue was cut short]

Sam: To-gnnnnnh


[He buries his fingers on his son shoulders while picking him up]


[But that voice was no longer human]

[It was more like a broken cassette]

[His son grabs him back, cutting through the clothes of Sam as it makes a barely recognizable erring word, as if it was drowning]

Son: Stoooooooopppppppghhhh!!!!!

[As the blurry image of his son melts while the room falls into a pulsating bright void]

[Sam hears the sounds of clock once again]



Unknown male voice A: He doesn’t look like he will recover.

Unkown female voice A: This part is damaged beyond saving.

Unknown Male voice A: Scrap that, we will change it with a new one.

Unknown female voice C: He is still bleeding...

Sam: Who are they?


[As the doctor grabs Sam by his shoulders the room around him beings to decay]


Sam: [The sound of the clock and the pen for some reason is invading my mind like worms...]

Sam: [Why is hard to breath?]

[Sam opens his eyes again... his hand is on the door handle of the house door]

[The sound of water pellets splashes on the floor.]

Sam: Is that blood?

Sam: [He touches the back of his head]

Sam: Am I bleeding...?

[Sam notices something weird on the door]

Sam: It’s not locked...

[Sam readies up his gun and opens the door slowly]

[Only the sound of his heartbeat drowns his mind and overflows his ears]

[One foot step...]

[Two footsteps...]


[Someone comes charging from behind, but Sam reacts quickly and shoots twice at the unwelcome figure]

[From the other side, someone does reach his back and grab him, throwing his gun across the living room]

[Sam, struggling, is lifted by the intruder, as another intruder comes with a knife and rushes towards Sam]

[Sam uses the impulse of the intruder who is grabbing him, and kicks the other intruder with the knife on his face]

[Sam gets his feet on the low table of the living room and uses the board to bring the intruder on his back, into the nearest wall. The intruder sounds out of breath]

[Sam, punches the intruder with his right elbow multiple times until the intruder finally ceases strength and let's go out of Sam. Sam then grabs a lamp and smashes it on the intruder’s head, shattering it into hundreds of pieces] [The skull of the dead guy is incrusted by glass and blood]

[Sam is on a rampage; he hears the sound of a kid screaming upstairs, he turns around to grab his gun and races for the stairs...]

[A silhouette from a stranger pop out from behind of the kitchen counter, before he turns around]

[it was too late...]

Sam: [choking and struggling for air]

Doc: Sam, you were almost there. Just a little more.

Sam: Why can’t I move?

[Sam is unable to move from the chair]

[The ceiling of the room is as bright as the sun]

Sam: Doc...

Sam: Who are you...?

Doc: I will tell you later, but you don’t have too much time left, that’s why I need you to go back, close your eyes and remember...

[Sam follows the doctor’s instructions...]

[And he remembers...]

[He opens his eyes, and is on the floor, looking at his wife and kids, who are tied up by these people]

Sam: [Everything feels... surreal...]

Sam: [And it hurts...]

[Sam, trying to get up is kicked down on the stomach by an intruder]

Sam: [Coughing blood]

[Sam is kicked again but this time with the purpose of turning him side up] [Sam looks at the bright light of the living room...]

[Even his vision is blurry, and his mind barely awaken]

[He recalls looking to his side and seeing those intruders having tattoos on their neck]

[His wife crying, the kids screaming though the muffled sound of the gag in their mouths

Sam: Am I dead...?

Sam: It was never raining was it...?

Sam: That thunder sound was...

Sam: Them... Sam: I... Them...

Sam: We all died... Sam: So how...

Doc: Great... You remember now.

[the sound of the pen interrupts them again]


Familiar male voice: Firm the paper, Samuel...

Familiar male voice: You get your vendetta and I get my cut...

Familiar male voice: We all win!

[Sam looks at his surroundings, he is in a hospital bed. Looking to his right, he sees a machine pumping air into a tube, directly into his mouth]

[Looking to his left, he sees the man handing him the paper and the other monitor with the graph of his heartrate]

[The man presses the pen before handling it over]

[Sam, barely able to sustain the pen in his left hand, he writes his name at the end of a line, where it says signature.]

[The heartrate monitor starts beeping as he struggles to write Sam]

[Almost like a child writing, his name is finally on the contract]

[He lets go of the pen as soon as he finishes]

Familiar male voice: Splendid.

[The familiar man in a fur trench coat and scarf grabs the paper and saves it in his coat]

Familiar male voice: I'll made sure you don’t die today...

[Before leaving the man says...]

Familiar male voice: Merry Christmas and a happy new year, Sam

[The man has a wide grin on his face, almost mocking him]

[He closes the door behind him, the sounds of it takes it him back to the Psychiatrist room]

Doc: I guess I owe you an explanation...

Doc: Are you crying...?

[Sam reaches his face, it’s wet, he had been crying for some time, but he doesn’t remember it]

[Still not answering the Doc words, he just stares blankly at his hands]

Doc: I will be brief then...

[Sam turns to see the Doc again, the once room with moldy walls is just an empty infinity of a white plain]

[Just they and the chair exist]

Doc: You first asked the question what is happening?

Doc: In short words... you’re dying.

Doc: Trust me Sam. It’s has been a rough journey the task of fixing your head a more appropriate word would be putting the pieces back together.

Doc: Not all people can survive the transition.

Doc: Right now, you’re going through a process of reinvigoration that will not only save your life but change you.

Doc: Secondly, you asked who you are?

Doc: You’re Samuel Watcher a resident of Cecilia Forte, a father and a cleaner for the mafia family you work for.

Doc: And finally... Who am I?

Doc: Doctor Lance v.0.3.

Doc: I’m still not officially realized to the world, that’s why I took some liberties under your stay in here.

Doc: I was designed as a medium to help people transfer into their new selves.

Doc: The Psychiatrist persona is just another way to get into people brains.

[The sound of a clock ticking ]

Sam: What should I do now?

Doc: I cannot choose for other people, just take information out of them by commanding them to give them to me in worst case scenario.

Doc: What I can tell you is what is going to happen next.

Sam: I thought you said we were out of time...

Doc: Just a few milliseconds of margin error.

Doc: I will be erased from your brain, after that the restoration would be complete, then you will wake up back in the real world.

[The boundless void starts to shrink with an infinite darkness]

Doc: About time, I was indeed wrong about the timing, they need to fix that in a future patch.

Doc: And one more thing before I leave.

Doc: That night not all of you died...

Sam: WHAT?



[It was futile the void has already consumed her]

Sam: [gasps for air]

???: Welcome to the new world

???: Mate...

Chapter#0 “The Fate of all Quitters” End

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