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To honour some members of our society who may not be honored

Fiction adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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“So any questions for me…”.said Mr. Hatch to his audience of a teenage-filled classroom. Nobody said anything and he concluded the class with a smiling face. Just then the siren rang and it was a sign for the impatient students to run out of the boring and never-ending class.

Mr. Hatch was a substitute Languages teacher for the new mother, Mrs. Asher, who had to go on maternal leave for like five months instead of three. Some rumors claim she had some difficulty when giving birth as she fell into a short coma for a month.

Mr. Hatch wasn’t glad that she was coming back as he had fallen in love with teaching these little minds.

‘Bang, bang, went on the door of the principal of the school and three seconds later a thunderous voice yelled: “You may come in”. Once the door was opened a fat middle-aged man was seen having a strong cup of black coffee which smelt very nice.

“Hey, there Mr. Hatch, how are you today?” the man asked softly as he stood up out of his chair which shone when the sun rays settled in its fine surface. “I can’t be better, Sir” the young teacher continued.

“So if I may know to what do I owe this sudden visit this lovely morning?”

“Sir, I am sorry for disturbing but I have a petition to make to you concerning how things are in this school.”

“Well go ahead then! I am all ears.”

“Firstly, Mr. Lace, I would love to ask you for a chance to keep teaching the brilliant young minds of this school as their language teacher as I have developed a desire for teaching them.” He said looking ready for a “NO” or “Sorry That can’t happen” or something of that sort.

The old man took one sip of the black coffee and exhaled strongly, gave it some thought, and approved it. The approval meant the Eight graders’ prayer had been answered.

The word of Mr. Hatch as the language teacher even spread faster than it took the teacher to get to his classroom. The feeble children had begun jubilating loudly when they spotted the teacher making his way to the classroom. They skipped their recess just to surprise their wonderful tutor. When he arrived in the class they greeted him with a bright smile accompanied by a large sign which read “WELCOME MR. HATCH”. He was astonished to see young adults come together and do something wonderful for a teacher like himself…

‘Riiiinnnngggg’ went the alarm clock which had been trying to wake the young man from his fictional dream.

“Oh no!” Jace sighed with disappointment at the fact that it was all a nice dream. “It was a dream!” he yelled at the ceiling while he was directly staring at it. He felt burdened with the fact that he had been posted directly to Alder High School. He was the new language teacher for the eighth graders of the renowned school. He had to put on his already-ironed long-sleeved shirt and pair of fine silk trousers with a dashing green tie. He walked to his driveway which was deeply polished with dust from the cement factory was close by his old almost dilapidated apartment which was near the church near the cliff.

The school was just two miles away and it took more than half an hour because of his old 2010 Toyota® Corolla© car which was faulty. He took the main highway which was somewhat of a shortcut to the school. He filled his car’s fuel tank when he got to the highway’s gas station which was mostly busy but for some reason was not.

Arriving at the school wasn’t easy as the car park was entitled to an exclusive fleet of supercars. After searching for two minutes he found a spot to park his car.

Once he walked into the rowdy halls of the school it seemed as if time was as fast as a bullet as he didn’t even get to ask a student for help with his bag which weiwhatever to. He had kept a collection of notebooks and some blank sheets of paper which was obviously for his boring session… ‘again’. He walked like an ailing man to the piece of wood in front of him. Going through it would send him into his class but it seemed as if a force was warning him not to do so.

It would have been better if he paid attention to that force because the moment he stepped in the children, the children released a bucket of paint which was above the door directly onto him destroying his attire.

Fortunately, he knew this would happen so in the trunk of his car held a new shirt neatly ironed, nice pair of trousers, and a Balenciaga® sports shoe which his mother gave to him last Easter. He fancied it so kept it with great care as if his life depended on it. “How are you doing Mr. Alexander Hatch?” the children roared after destroying his shirt. After changing into his shirt and trousers, he quickly retreated to the classroom and demanded to know who did that. They all remained mute and one could tell they were scared to the bone marrow to even utter a word. This made the young man walk up to Shane; the class nuisance and plague to every teacher and unfortunately the class bully, and whispered something into the ears of the teenager and at once the kid’s face turned from a wicked grin to a sober innocent every one wondered what could make a bully such as Shane Deswell to suddenly change. Since that day Shane was always respectful to his tutors but whatever was whispered into this kid’s ears remains a mystery and a secret between the teacher and his client. The class continued smoothly after the leader of the flock had been defeated easily. The class after that was so quiet. Even though Jace had managed to overpower their captain he had to eliminate all the noisy boys. He started by always having a broad bright smile and the children didn’t understand why. His classroom soon noticeably became the best class in the entire school. Children from that class were better than that in the next class.

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