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A Story about Monsters in Minecraft such as Herobrine, Alexbrine and so on. Read this book to find out what happens to me in the story, how I overcome there monsters and more.

Thriller/Mystère Tout public.

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Chapter 1: "The Start"

So it was a typical day like every day, though it was a little bit different because I had decided to play Minecraft because I was bored and I was finished with my homework, I created a new world which I called “Journey”, like every survival world in Minecraft, I started by getting some wood, then some tools and then some food, through the journey in the Minecraft world I could hear weird whispers that would say my name, it was bizarre, nobody knows my name and the world was in the single player not even if people would like to join my world they wouldn’t be able to, cause I had turn off Multiplayer.

I decided to ignore it, maybe it was the sounds of caves meaning I was either near one or above one, I kept walking towards a village in the village there was a blacksmith I said to myself “Let’s go I’m so lucky”, the weird thing is that when I was going to the blacksmith, the village was converted into an abandoned village full of zombie villagers, I was concerned about the world though the zombies were not my main concern the iron golem was my main concern, I hadn’t hit the iron golem but still the golem was very mad at me and something that I noticed on the golem was that the golem’s eyes were fully White, one of his arms was not there, the golem was almost broken like vanish kind of, I was not afraid of the world but I was concerned and curious.

I had to kill the golem, or as others would say “end his suffering”. There was no loot, the golem didn’t drop any loot. I crafted a bed with wool from the sheep I killed after the accident in the village, then I slept in the bed I crafted, the next day I found the world normal back again, as if I had lived a dream but it felt so real I doubted it was a dream, I knew these were getting out of control so I went into a cave in which I found Redstone and cobblestone only, suddenly I found an obsidian path which of course I followed.

The obsidian path led me to a place that looked like the deep dark, except there was a thrown, in the thrown I found Herobrine sitting there. Afterward, my game started to glitch and lag so bad I had to restart my PC and re-enter the world, then Herobrine was gone, and instead, a sign was found it said “Be mine or else”. I couldn't let him control my Minecraft character so I tried to do something about I logged out of the world and contacted my best friend hacker whose name tag is “Pencil Boy”, I contacted him and told him all that had happened the problem is that he was very busy. So I had no one to contact that is a hacker that could help me, the only thing that I could do was fight him so I started to enchant my armor and weapons.

I was going to fight him all I had to do was find him, I found him and left him a sign that said “I won’t first fight me”, I wasn’t afraid of him so we started fighting, and guess what I was gonna hit him with my super-powered weapons when my PC received a message saying “it was a mistake challenging me now you will perish” then my game crashed and my PC turned off, that’s when I understood that Herobrine was someone that I needed to be afraid of, but I will never be afraid of some Minecraft Myth that could be real.

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Maker Story I write tales from long ago or simply horror stories.

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