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Getting another chance at life, with knowledge gained in one's previous life, is a great startup. But will it be enough?

Fantaisie Fantaisie urbaine Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 0

A floating island; surrounded by nothingness. On it stood two fighters. One of them was an almost naked young human boy, seemingly no older than twenty years old. Despite his young outlook, he was well built but also had many minor, bleeding scars all over his body. The boy had long silver hair reaching his shoulders. He had green eyes, which were glaring forward. He was not wearing any shirt, and he had many scars, mainly around his hands and some over his shoulders. In his right hand, the man was holding a sword. His sword was slightly transparent and was entirely light green. And this man's name was Nolin.

As for the other fighter, he had a shape of a human being; however, his entire body was white, except his eyes which were glowing red. That strange being also had a sword in his grip; similarly to the man in front of him, it was transparent, but it was red.

"This is the end!"

Shouted Nolin as he pointed his sword at the man before him.

"You have taken EVERYTHING from me... Now I am here to avenge my loved ones and get revenge for all the suffering you have put me through!"

"Suffering? Hah! I think you are the lucky one! You have been given a second chance at life AND get to survive. Since you did a splendid job, I am willing to offer you another job."

Stated the being and his voice echoed around the large floating island.

"Lucky? How so? You have taken me from my previous life; even if that was not a perfect one, you ruined that for me! Then you also ruined my life here! HOW can anyone call that lucky?!"

"It seems you have grown a lot since you came here, but you still lack the wisdom to understand it. I am asking once again, but this will be the last time, so choose wisely! Will you do my bidding? Or will you go against my will and fail miserably."

"I'd rather die!"

Shouted Nolin and dashed forward. However, suddenly, the being appeared behind him, and he was no longer able to move.

"It appears you have already forgotten who I am... A mere mortal slaying me, a GOD?! Laughable!"

Declared the being, and the moment he said taht, Nolin was again able to move; however, his right hand fell off. Noling kneeled down and opened his left pal, and a red orb appeared in it, and without hesitation, he slammed it to his fresh wound, instantly stopping the bleeding.


Said Nolin and quickly turned around to face the being. Nolin quickly opened his palm once again and extended his hand; however, the moment his hand moved forward, all of his fingers were separated from his hand. Before he could even register what was going on, the being appeared in front of him, grabbed him by the jaw and lifted him up.

"I do have to applaud for the level of power you have reached, but no matter how hard you try, it will not be enough. You should just..."

Commented the being, however, was interrupted because, although Nolin's hands were injured, the missing parts reappeared. They were green-coloured and slightly transparent, but he could use them. And without indecisiveness, Nolin smashed the being in the face, freeing himself from his grip.

"Don't underestimate me otherwise..."

Declared Nolin, but instantly regretted that he was being cocky as the being kicked him in the chest. Nolin slid away and was coughing blood; however, he was not given enough time to catch his breath as he was suddenly uppercut by the being who appeared right in front of him. Nolin was blasted upwards, but the moment he was about to fall back down, the being appeared next to him once again. The being grabbed Nolin's head and dragged it down at an incredible speed. Upon colliding with the island, the whole island was shattered into six larger parts.

The being was floating in mid-air, and he pulled Nolin up, who was unconscious after that impact. As the being looked at the boy, he started laughing and then stated.

"Who said you need to agree to do my bidding?!"

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