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Clash: an incompatibility leading to disagreement. A personality clash. Going against all cliches, she is the bad girl and he is the good boy! If you like what you read so far, be sure to check this out! Full story upload on Wattpad!

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Chapter 1

'Rachel! Can you get me a mojito?', Sophie screamed over the blaring music of our go-to nightclub. She was in the middle of the floor, dancing away with Jeremy, with an empty glass swaying in her hand. They were doing the gang man style dance, for only god knows why. As embarrassing as that was, those two are my best friends at college. And, they are monsters: Sophie could go on dancing for hours while Jeremy could chug a whole lot of liquor and still avoid slurring his words.

Meanwhile, I am not as tough. I was running on low battery after making out with Sam, a guy I met by the bar, and a shot of tequila. About Sam, he had stricken a conversation first and I was interested. He was one charming guy with that chiseled jaw and radiant smile. And, I had a soft spot reserved especially for guys with great smiles. So, it was inevitable.

Speaking of guys, I never understood people who do relationships. To me it looked like a pain, having to keep your partner satisfied and happy at all times. This, with no strings attached, was much simpler. Is it obvious I have never been in a relationship before?

After ordering Sophie's drink, I was lucky to find an empty table of which I went to. I felt the cold leather of the sofa touch my bare skin as I sat down. I was scrolling through my phone for new messages, notifications, but nothing. Normally, people would have at least one or two new messages, especially if they had been avoiding their parents for a month now and staying over at their friend's house. I slammed my phone onto the table out of anger and frustration when the waiter arrived with Sophie's drink. Knowing her, she would be counting the seconds passing till the next drink was in her hand. And me as her best friend couldn't leave her without her "precious drink".

That was a lie. I just didn't want to be alone. So, I tried calling her phone, but to no avail over this rambunctious electronic music. I couldn't blame her as I would not even feel my phone vibrating in my pocket amidst this mayhem. Why couldn't they have played any other music genres? Pop music, for example, can be pretty loud and exhilarating too.

Since that failed, I decided to simply get her the drink and join her and Jeremy, despite my exhaustion. I could always count on them to cheer me up and make me laugh when I need it. That reminded me of the time when we were at some restaurant, whose name I couldn't recall. Jeremy had made Sophie and I bust out laughing. The thing was, it happened to be when I was taking a sip of my coke, which resulted in it coming out my nose. It felt like my nose was on fire then as it turned bright red. Sophie and Jeremy were laughing hysterically while I looked like a whole clown which belonged in a circus, not a restaurant. I cringed at the memory as I could still recall the pain.

I pushed through the crowd to get to the middle of the floor, where I last saw them. But, with my clumsiness, there was no way I would get there without accidents. So, I tripped, landing on the floor as the drink defied gravity, spilling all over me, from head to toe.

As I was cursing Sophie and her stupid drink, my peripheral vision caught someone approaching me. My gaze raised to meet a pair of the most beautiful hazel brown eyes. I was drawn in by their depth when he extended a helping hand towards me. I grabbed his hand, without an ounce of hesitation, and got up on my feet as a smile crept its way to my features. After all, I was struggling to stand on my feet because of all the pushing and my heels, which did not help my case. He was the only one who came to my rescue. My body felt sticky all over and the mojito started dripping from my hair. My discomfort was as plain as day, when he spoke for the first time.

'Are you okay?', he shouted over the deafening music. His deep voice took me by surprise. I did not see that coming.

'I guess, yeah. Thanks.', I responded just loud enough for him to hear me as a blush crept its way to my cheeks. I didn't know what was wrong with me. From what I could see in the club's lighting, he didn't have any awe-striking features. It must have been the alcohol.

The lights then illuminated his way and I was able to make out his appearance. His hazel orbs were still as mesmerizing as the first time I saw them, glistening with the lights. I also noticed his long brown hair, reaching his neck. It reflected the light with perfect silkiness. The light then dimmed, before I was entirely satisfied. There was something about him luring me in. Or, maybe I was getting tipsy.

I was in a trance when I started feeling my balance slip away, but I refused to let it show. I hated showing my weakness. My vision started blurring as I lost track of my thoughts. That tequila shot was starting to show its effect. I couldn't hold my liquor even if my life depended on it. It was ironic, considering how much I love alcohol.

I managed to raise my head, which felt heavy at that moment, to be met by those honey-colored eyes again. And, that was when my drunk-self started doing all the talking.

'Hey.', I said in a high-pitched voice, with a goofy smile. 'You're really cute.', I continued, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

'Thanks?', he responded more as a question.

I placed my hand on his cheek only to feel his skin burning. He flinched as a soft chuckle escaped my lips. I was amused because it seemed to be working, but it was working on me as well as I could feel my heart beat increasing.

'Calm down. I don't bite. Unless you want me to.', I whispered in his ear as I let my hand travel slowly from his cheek to his chest. My heart started beating erratically.

Instead of meeting his gaze, my eyes landed on his lips as I start wondering how they would feel like against mine. Our breaths started mingling together as I got closer to his face, his lips.

He then moved away to my shock. The embarrassment was too overwhelming, it got me sober. I prayed that the ground would swallow me whole right then and there. My face was now facing the ground as I couldn't bear to look at him. No one has ever refused me before. That was a first.

He suddenly approached me until I could feel his body heat. I raised my face to meet his gaze. I could feel my heart beating like a drum and my body on fire.

Just kiss me, god dammit.

It was like he was teasing me. Was he playing hard to get? Because it was working. I had never wanted to kiss someone that bad before.

He then got closer until I felt his warm breath fan against my face. He gave me one last look, as if asking for consent, before crashing his lips onto mine. I smiled against his lips.

Fireworks. All I felt was fireworks, crackling within my body.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as our lips moved in perfect sync.

------End of chapter 1-----

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