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A lonely hacker is trying to steal information from the greatest tech company in order to build his own android. He lives in a metropolis where people can go inside the Web, trying to create the illusion of a life they never had. They enjoy their happy, fake digital existence. However, something big is coming. Cover Art: @larisa.draws

Science fiction Interdit aux moins de 18 ans. © Larissa Bălan 2017

#friendship #romance #love #internet #hacking #robot #AI #dystopia #drama #science fiction #cyberpunk
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True AI - part I

 Damien was having a particular peaceful night until the emergency. But the city lights and the noise made it difficult for him to stay in a good mood. Even at this hour, it seemed no one was sleeping in the real world. Seen from the shuttle, the streets were packed with people, robots and machines, each going about its business. At least he wasn't the only one solving some issue this late at night. Those were the sad people. The happy ones hid someplace else.

He lit a cigarette. He was contacted by Elizabeth Madigan, the chief of his department. Every android, machine and robot is monitored and controlled by Madigan Cybernetics. Damien knew too well that they controlled the metropolis too.

His shuttle was flying through the skyscrapers now and big, colorful holograms moved between the buildings, advertising Madigan or other big companies. The androids were not programmed to say those...things. They didn't hurt anybody, but Madigan would not allow them to go free after those incidents. Something about the true AI. ''We must protect the true AI.''said one of them out of the blue.

''Scary stuff'', he thought.

Damien Saraan's team was charged with the surveillance of all the AI sold by Madigan Cybernetics. He is the commander of the Jupiter Division and one of the most skilled forces they had leading the reality hunters. In his mid forties now, still a robust and tall man, with black beard and big arms. The gaze is firm, but he hides a certain kindness in the way he speaks. You could say that he has gone soft since his daughter was born. As if he cared. The kid brings out the best in him.

His train of thought was suddenly interrupted by the communications hologram. It was her again.

''Miss Jupiter Madigan,'' he greeted, putting out the cigarette.

''Commander, I will need you at the scene. It seems the android has gone rogue after developing some kind of language. I want him terminated.''

Developed a language and ran? He was afraid to ask if it escaped inside the Web. This is dangerous.

''Is it one of ours?'' he asked, opening another report hologram.

''Does it matter? I want it shut down as soon as possible. My brother will Dream the Web soon.''

It was for the first time when she sounded this nervous.

''Yes, ma'am.''

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Larissa Bălan Hello everybody! I am a Social Media Freelancer who loves to write and draw. * social on Facebook @MiniGlitch * drawing on Instagram @larissa.draws I am happy to meet you all! :)

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