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Desiree Johnson is officially in her last year of high school. Since freshman year, Desiree has dreamed of walking across the stage and accepting her diploma. She wanted nothing more than to make her parents proud and become successful in her life. Throughout her last three years, Desiree has been a top role model. She has honors, gets nothing but A’s and B’s in her classes, and has one of the highest GPAs in her school. Desiree had it all planned out… Unfortunately, things never go as planned and Desiree suddenly finds herself making stupid decisions that jeopardizes her education. All in the name of one boy, and no, not the bad boy.

Romance Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#18andup #school #lust #desire #lovestory #highschool #erotica #erotic #love #romance
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Hello readers. Welcome to my first romance novel! Before we continue, I want to address a few things:

1. This novel features mature themes and mature language.

2. This novel is fiction. The situations that will transpire are not real.

3. The characters aren't based on real people.

4. This novel is just for fun. Don’t take any of it seriously!

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoys my novel, and remember to vote and comment! ♡

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