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This is a book about my pass. I have written this for others who may be going through this very same thing. I will be talking about the abuse, the wrong way of using the words “I love you”, and being bullied. It is all God how I made it through and he gets all the praise for it.

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There is nothing cool about being or doing abuse. Those who are receiving it may or may not recognize it. The ones who does the abuse may not be aware of the pain they are causing on their loved ones.

Everyone abuse is not the same, and not everyone enters it the same way. There is peolpe who are born into it and others who are married. Children do not asked to be put into abuse but they was.

Children whose born into it is believeing in their mind set "This is normal life, normal living and every family is the same." The picture behind this isthey do not know anything other than what they was taught or lived.

Some are being brought up in Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Mental abuse, or two or all three. Either way the child has more of a cycle to break than some (if not all) adults. Those some adults was married into it, and their excuse of staying with their spouse is the Children.

Physical Abuse is not just a spanking, a slap on the hand to allow the child to know that its wrong. This abuse is where the person gets left brusied. Yes, some adults encounter this kind of abuse.

Sexual abuse is being forced to have sexual contact of any thing sexual. Some children whose born into this believe if they do not do such thing. They have the fear of much worse happening.

Mental abuse is very hard to prove because it's verbal. I do not mean a child argueing because an adult tells them no or Children argueing with each othet and an adult steps in and tells them to stop.

I do mean an adult being verbally abuse to both adults and children. By calling them names, yelling at them for no reason. And it can go deeper than that.

With all three abuses they have the same similarities. They all are wrong some abusers does it to control the person or persons. The abuser does not care about the age. It also causes lowself a steam to those who are getting the abuse.

I did grew up in a home with abuse in it. Thank God sexual abuse was not one of them. I saw mom, both my siblings and myself go threw mental abuse. One of the abuse did have led to physical abuse.

I remember as far back as I can Dad had a bad habit of always yelling about things that didn't make since. It seems like I was born into this abuse but I could be wrong. As being around the age of four or five seems like its my earliest memories of the abuse.

Dad yelled when we got louder than the Tv, and we could be talking about what we are watching. When we got to loud as he is taking a nap he came out yelling at us. If one of us had an outside dog and the dog is barking while he is taking a nap again he came out yelling at us as well. Of course, regardless what we are doing or what the weather is like we had to go outside with the dog. I do not understand how he never gotten mad in the middle of the night when the dog was barking like during the day.

As we took along the road trip that will take a couple of hours or longer (we did do some short ones) he starts yelling because us kids are getting to loud fue to getting board. Some of those road trips allowed us to get an slurpy or icey and we drink it by making the noise its suppose to make we got yelled at. It made traveling no fun because it was no fun.

If the toilet was not flushed. He would asked us to meet him in the living room and he will be mad. He had the belt in hand asking, "Who used the bathroom last?", and he was including my mom into that. (This may fall under physical abuse, but since I was at a young age that I may be over thinking it.)

With the bathroom situation. We actually caught him go into the bathroom shut the door. Walked out wheb he finished walked back in seconds later flush the toilet. Then here we are in the living room again getting into trouble for something he did.

Upon getting older Dad will call us up on the phone and ask us to put ice tea and a sandwhich on the table. If its not there he would get mad, but if we do it to early he would question us. For example, he would ask, "Why is the tea water logged?" and if we answered "we put it there as soon as we got of the phone with you." Sometimes that made him mad enough to throw his glass.

There was other triggers that made him throw his drink. Everytime he did one of us four is the ones that was always cleaning it up as he jumps in the vehical and left the house. At some point none of us four never used ice for anything because when ice ran out us four in his eyes we was at fault. Interesting thing when we was not using ice he still blammed us and mom had to keep reminding him that he's the only one who uses it. Which seems like he got even more mad.

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