Mia Lincoln

A girl wakes up in a forest but doesn't know how she got there.

Fantaisie Épique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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I almost get impaled by a ten-year-old

—I woke up, sprawled out in the middle of a forest. I couldn't see the end, or maybe that was just my blurry vision. Now, I don't recall ever having blurry vision or glasses, but the last thing I do remember was eating dinner with my little sister, Lauren, and my parents.

—I could remember my name, Mia, and my age, 14, but I can't remember how I got here.

—The forest was absolutely beautiful! The trees had dark brown wood and pinkish purple leaves. The grass was a gorgeous shade of light green, and it was flourishing. The evening sky was a dark purple, with hints of stars. I'm pretty sure my blurry vision is gone since I can see the stars now!

—I was walking toward a—Wait, is that a UNICORN?— Ok, anyway, I was walking toward a white ball of light when a small force field formed around it and I hit my nose.

—“Ow! What the heck!”

—A startled girl came out from behind a tree with a sharpened stick. She looked about 10, with ginger hair that looked like a dark orange flame, and the prettiest blue-green eyes.

—“Who are you what are you doing here?” She asked angrily. She made it look crystal clear that she would impale me if she had to.

—"I just woke up here, but I have no clue why I'm here or how I got here, and the last thing I remember is eating dinner with my little sister Lauren.” I said, trying to sound calm.

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