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An assassin, a traitor, and a captured thief. She's all these things, but even as she learns why she's still alive and not yet executed, she begins to fall for the mystery person who captured her. The Prince as well begins to fall for her, but he tries not to show it, or show his true identity. But he's not the only one who hides. The Captain of the Guard, Mav, is not who he seems. He is the ex-partner of the assassin. They all hide their true selves, but who will win in the end?

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A Prophecy

A Reign Full Of Terror

An Assassin At Youth

She Conquers The Kingdom

But What Of The Truth?

Capture and Treachery

Marked By The Blade

A Hidden Prince

Foretold To Be Slain

Aloft In The Castle

Hidden In Lies

A Cell Full Of Secrets

Those She Defies

While The King Lies In Wait

Who Is The Bait?

The Prince And The Captain

When Soon It Will Happen…

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