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She's a warrior, a soldier. But she wasn't before. When she fights a war against Hydla, she doesn't expect to find her ex-lover stuck in the thick of the battlefield. Nor does she expect the war to be put on a standstill because of thunderstorms. But both happen, and she struggles to figure out what she wants, and if she is meant to keep her secret. He is stuck in the war, his ex is there, and he is keeping a secret, and one that could change the course of war. When their two perspectives cross paths, will they get together, or fall apart again?

Fantaisie Médiévale Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.
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The Soldier

The Soldier rode on top of her horse. She was silent, galloping through the war-stricken countryside.If anyone objected to her plan, they didn't say it. She lifted a hand off her mount to signal the approaching enemy. She felt the hair pressing against her helmet, protesting for a way out. Too bad. She was not taking off the helmet. No one, as far as she could tell, knew she was a girl.

The warrior was a manly occupation. But what did she care about manliness? She was in charge, but if anyone knew who she really was, would they stay? Would they laugh and question why they had let a girl lead them? She had come and taken charge by force, and she could fight as good as any of the men. That was her gift. She was a warrior taking back the battlefield. A Queen leading her kingdom to victory. That was how she saw herself.

"We need to take out the front line first," she said in her gruff, boyish voice. She took in all the carnage, bodies littering the ground like first-snow. Both sides were struggling, but the Callteni peoples were fewer and had not as good weaponry. She would need all the help she could get to complete her goal: She would lead the Callteni to victory and save her people. "You," she paused, pointing to the soldiers flanking her sides, "take your men to the wounded. Bring them to the Medical Tent. We've got General Medhi and the rest of the Hydlanian Frontline surrounded. Go!" She added, gesturing to the stragglers below.

The rest of the group, a third of the army, went with her to the mountainous valley overlooking the battlefield. They were the most important part of her plan. The other two groups would come later. Now came the hard part. Taking out the Frontline. The bulk of weaponry was cannons, but they didn't have gunpowder to spare. They only had so many shots to take them out. Once the Calvary was down, the other groups would join the fight. Then…..victory. She spotted several injured in the fray of battle offense and defense. While the rest of the army fought the General's guards, the others prepared for a violent battle. More carnage. Fatality was commonplace.

"Should we check the injured?" A soldier quickly asked, clearly worried for his brother fighting down below. The original army was weak.

"Yes," she said lightly. She began to move herself. "Go find your brother." To the rest, she said, "Collect injured people. Then, prepare to fight!"

A young soldier approached her as a few medics started their descent to the injured below. As they left, everyone else stayed behind to watch the mountain path. They would get injured people, and take them to the Medical Tent, and then back to victory. She included herself in the assistance.

"How do you know what you're doing? And when did you get here?" He asked, nervous to ask the hard questions. It looked like the older men behind the boy had put him up to it.

"I came, and everything was frenzied. I fought with the General. I told him my plan to win the war. Finally he let me help. I took control of a third of the regiment, including your men. I have renowned skills at strategy and fighting where I come from. He had no choice but to let me help," she said with open honesty. That was the best answer she could give. She smiled. She was not good at speeches. So much for being the leader.

"Who are you, outside of war?" He asked, curiosity showing in what little she could see of his face. His helmet covered only a few spaces, whereas hers covered her whole face leaving a hinged mouth guard lowered to show any skin. "I am a merchant's apprentice," he added, eager to change the subject from what they had earlier spoken about.

"Can I tell you a secret about me?" she whispered, grinning at his unveiled nervousness.

"Anything," he said in awe, waiting for an answer. She hesitated for a second. He noticed.

"Never mind," she said, laughing. The young, soldiering, merchant-apprentice huffed, and creeped back to wherever he'd come from. Admiration was great as a leader, but very distracting at times. She supposed that's what she was, anyways. The leader. The one that took charge; led those who were lost. The Callteni could take refuge in her.

The battlefield smelled like the gunpowder that cloaked the sky, leaving only a small amount of light in the darkness. From above, the ground was shrouded in a black fog. Men lay sprawled on the ground, some injured and breathing their last. Others were injured to the point of frustration only, as they could no longer fight in the war.

She looked around, watching the men get lifted to their feet, or carried on the shoulders of fellow soldiers. This was either going to make or break them. Because of the fact that they could risk everything for the wounded around them. She looked around. There was a chance that civilians had gotten caught up in the upended war. There weren't many, but on the country borders between Callten and Hydla, farmers and quiet people took residence away from the thrum of society. She spotted a flash of robes. Ah, a noble civilian. They were rare this far from the capital, but some came to take a break from life in the peace of the country borders. This was not what most would've been expecting.

The declaration of war had been sudden, and choosing a good place to fight was hard, but considering the openness of the borders, it had been an easy option. The Callteni King, Aerzyanl, had not expected the treaty to end simply because the Hydlanians wanted to expand territory. They had wanted an ally defeating Arsentya, but Callten had refused. Then, they chose to expand using Callten as a ground base to take down the other kingdoms, one at a time. Their greed had led to a century-old alliance being destroyed.

She focused on the noble. His head was turned, but she could tell he was injured. There was a gash on the side of his head, and he looked around, stunned, seeing the chaos surrounding him. She heard shots fired in the distance. The horse spooked easily, and whinnied at the sound.

"Get over there, idiot," she muttered, pushing her horse towards the man. She jumped down and jogged towards the man, armor moving awkwardly against the wool clothes she wore underneath. She touched him lightly on the shoulder to get his attention. He turned towards her, tried to move, then fainted. She grunted, then began to pull him towards her horse. She heard thunderclouds roll in the sky. A storm was bad news. She almost had the man on her horse when a messenger came running towards her.

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