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Natalia Raega is followed one night under the cover of darkness, as she plans to go home. You must choose her path, and everything that happens next.

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You Choose the Path

As Natalia Raega walked stiffly down the rain-slick sidewalk, she had the vague impression of being followed. She didn't press herself to walk faster. Her physical therapist would murder her if she was here. But she wasn't.

She regretted not taking her mother's invitation to dinner. Her stomach grumbled, despite the late hour, and having eaten supper. She heard a rustling of fabric behind her that sounded a lot like a raincoat.

Her mind began to race. She couldn't even think of overpowering anyone else, especially not now. With her injured knee, she could barely walk, let alone fight. She laughed to no one in particular. What can I do? she thought, barely registered the question.

The heavy weight of her phone at her side did nothing to deter the sense of complete helplessness. She was alone, she was afraid, and most importantly, she was weak.

She couldn't even think about calling 911. What could they do? She didn't know.

She struggled with what to do next. Take the stranger on, or try to run?Choose.

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└─ Run away
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