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11 years after the events of Stone Ocean, a young boy named Jordan Jones heads to Bear Valley, California to stay at his Uncle's house after the death of his parents. However, Jordan is not an ordinary boy as he has otherworldly powers that normal people can't see: a Stand. He heads to his new school life, unaware of the dangers that being a Stand User foretells. This is His Story; the tales of His Youth.

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Welcome to Bear Valley

Do you believe in 'gravity'? Or maybe the word I'm trying to say is 'Fate'? Maybe, I don't know. What I'm trying to ask is if you believe that all of our actions and decisions that we make are all predetermined by a force.

That time you regret not telling a girl your feelings, fate.

You losing a game in which you were winning, only to fail at the very end, all fate I believe baby.

You coming home to seeing your battered and mutilated body parts of your parents all over the living room, yeah....


I'm spouting crazy I know.

Anyway, where are my manners? The name is Jordan Jones, I'm your average 17 year old kid. Love music, video games, and food of all kinds. I don't feel like a average 17 year old these kids. I mean, seeing your parents not in one piece with their blood on the walls can kinda do that to you. It was real gruesome, I could tell you.

It's not for the feint of heart.

Maybe I was never average probably, I mean I have some sort of strange power that no one but me can do. When I first used it, I thought I was having an fever dream. But it was as real as it could be. It felt incredible. But there was one problem...

No one could see it. My parents were concerned that I was still having imaginary friends at the age of twelve. Give me a goddamn break! It frustrated me to all hell!

It made me feel different. Not the good kind, even. I felt all alone in this blue trapped bubble we as humans call home.

It's fine, I guess. I always enjoyed being by myself. Now with my parents gone, I guess I got it now.

Thanks I guess, Fate.

Doesn't make it any better.

I stand at the casket of my dead parents, closed off from us to see due to the graphic nature of their bodies. I don't think any normal person should have to see what I saw. Especially majority of the family. That wasn't on my mind though. My thoughts is where would I go after this funeral.

My extended family is actually well-off. Being involved with companies like the Speedwagon Foundation in Dallas. It would help extremely to be with them.

However, it seemed the murmurs discussing on who's family I was going to seemed to increase. I heard them, everything. It wasn't like they were loud, they were extremely quiet to the regular ear. But somehow, I could hear them somehow.

Was it my powers I had thought? I didn't know and I didn't care by that point. I just stared at the casket.

Was I bitter at the world?

Was I bitter at life? For taking away something close to me.

It didn't matter at the point. I just couldn't seem to care anymore.

I closed my eyes. Trying to silence my sight.

To forget everything. To hope it was a dream.

I reopen my eyes to see the crystal water of California in front of my eyes. I could also see my reflection through the bus window. I take a look at my hand and see my phone. It was on 80% battery and I could see the reminders on my phone.


I'm a very methodical person, I just want some sort of order in my life. As the bus moves closer to my destination: Bear Valley.

Bear Valley is a city that gets a lot of tourists when they come to visit Monterrey nearby us, so we are practically an extension of it. The town loves their Carne Asada, it's a delicacy in the are. A lot of couples come through this town and it's a cool romantic spot.

I would like to a take a girl here myself, I guess.

I think I'm getting too ahead of myself honestly. Just as those thoughts go away, the bus suddenly stops, which almost causes to lose my footing. Tch. Way to go Mr. Bus Driver, almost killing your passengers.

The doors open and I walk to leave the bus.


Bus Driver: Stay safe out there, kid.

Jordan: Yeah....will do.

The door shuts and the bus moves on to it's next stop. I stop to take a look at my surroundings. This place is like if I took a lifetime vacation, that's how good it's look. My Uncle really just lives here? Crazy.

I will also be living with my younger cousin, Joyce. I've only talked to her a couple of times. I have to say, she's annoying.

In a good way. But still annoying nevertheless.

Using the address my Uncle texted me, I made my way to his house near the pier. It's pretty far, I don't think I could manage bringing all my stuff in that condition if I had. I placed my black headphones in each of my ear socket, relaxing to some Childish Gambino. Even if he was the least richest in the family, I don't think that's the correct term I would call him. Maybe the right word is above-above average.

No. Above-above-above average.

And I say that's still selling him short. I was a mile away from his property and I saw it gleaming with richness while I felt the poorness in me cringing.

Gotta say the pier is pretty cool and maybe a cool place to maybe read some manga. If you like the smell of salt and sand that is.

Lucky me.

I enter the patio and ring the doorbell. I patiently wait for the door to open but no avail. Maybe they aren't home yet I thought? But then why would his car still be here? I hope he knows he is expecting some company.

Suddenly, the door open widely with a figure approach menacingly. Suddenly, it leaps forward with a flying dragon kick. I quickly dodged and I'm so confused. The mysterious individual leaped so far they landed near the entrance to the chairs a few feet away. I whistled.

Jordan: They gotta put you in the Long Jump Event in the Olympics.

???: Really? Thanks cousin!

Hmm, that's a girl's voice. Also....

Jordan: Cousin?

???: I know it's a been a bit, but c'mon! It hasn't been that long, big cousin!

The figure turns out and it's a girl rocking a sporty bra and shorts with a blue jacket over it.

Jordan: Yo, Joyce.

Joyce: So you do remember me!

She pulls me in for a hug. I reluctantly hug her back. Joyce Joan: the opposite of me: cheery, approachable, and what you would call wholesome. She's also super athletic and smart according to my Uncle if true. Not that I'm not athletic or smart myself, but I can tell she's a hard worker. She's on a different plane than me.

Jordan: Where's your dad?

Joyce: He had to head to town hall for something. He's pretty close with the mayor.

So he holds some status in this town.

Joyce: C'mon let's walk! I have SO much I wanna ask you!

Jordan: Alright....

She locks the house door and we end walking towards the boardwalk. It's very majestic I would say. Many tourist looking people just waiting to be eventually scammed by a local business in my eyes. Sounds pessimistic, but eh.

Joyce: So I guess we are going be in the same high school. You're a senior and I'm a junior. Means we won't have a lot of classes together, but there's always an off-chance!

Jordan: .....gonna leave it to fate?

She beams unaware of me gripping fist harder and harder.

Joyce: YEAH! Something like that!

Jordan: So my parents death was a act of fate?!

Joyce: What? No of course not! Nobody said that dude!


Joyce: Jordan...

Jordan: Did you have to see your mutilated parents on the floor? ON THE WALLS?!

Joyce: Jordan, you're scaring me...

Jordan: Stop trying to care. I don't want this! Just leave me the hell alone!

Passerby are observing our mainly one-sided argument, Joyce was trying to calm me down but I was just seeing red. I was pissed. Not at her, at myself. She would never say anything to hurt me. I was just mad that I couldn't control my emotions. How pathetic do I have to be to have the word 'Fate' get me this heated? A lot. And I know this.

Jordan: Just piss off, Joyce! I'll head back home my own way...

She looks at me with watered eyes. Guess the worst cousin of the year award goes to me. But I don't care. I walk away from Joyce, her not knowing what to do after my outburst. The crowd that observed us clearly looked at me with disgust.

But I don't care. I'm tired of caring.




Am I a bad person? Am I too far gone that I would show apathy to one of the few people that would actually care about me?

Jordan: I need to apologize to her. It's only right.

I had been walking for a while, so when I came to my senses, I had no idea where I was. The street was mainly me and another person coming in front of me skipping. Skipping. Honestly they can do what they want, I don't care. It was currently sunset.

As soon the skipping person came close to me, I felt a sharp pain throughout my body. I guess adrenaline couldn't have helped me. I immediately felt to my knees, it was that bad. I see the person who was skipping in front of me, laughing sinisterly.

Mysterious Skipper: Woah you took the hit? Normally, a normal person would've completely collapsed and died. Or at the very least, been paralyzed? You must be a stand user, then huh?

A stand what? What nonsense is he spouting?

Mysterious Skipper: Let me give you a proper greeting, before you know die and all that. Name's Richard Braun. Someone gave me a lot of money just to kill ya.

Jordan: Kill me? What the hell did I do?

Richard: Dunno mate'. But money is money.

A mysterious figure fades in behind him like magic. Is that a 'Stand'? Why can I see it? I'm so confused!

Richard: My stand name is MIDDLE CHILD. It has the power to use darkness as a offensive force. It can go through anything and is practically invincible! Hahahaha!

Am I really gonna die without apologizing to Joyce? I can't move my body, guess that paralysis is hitting in. Well, it's my fault anyway. Sorry, Uncle, Joyce. I really did want to hang out, but I guess I can't in heaven.

???: Invincible huh? Invincible this! Achtung Baby! ORA!

Richard: What?!

Richard suddenly starts flying towards the sand. When he hits the sand, it spooked the people sitting there. Well it would be a story for the ages.

What the actual hell just happened? An seemingly invisible force just punched the mess out of my would-be killer. Suddenly, a woman faded in out of thin air like the dude's stand or whatever.

Lady: You okay, kid?

Jordan: Yes, thank you ma'am. However, I can't move at all. I think whatever hit me has me terribly paralyzed for a little bit. So are you a 'stand user'?

Lady: Yeah, name's Shizuka Joestar.

Wait, Joestar? Like, the Joestar family? She's a Joestar?!

Jordan: You're related to Joseph Joestar, founder of Joestar Realty???? What are you doing in this city?

Shizuka: That's right. I came to this town for some field research. But I guess what my Dad's grandson is true, something is up with this town. Apparently, he said this is not the first he's dealt with a mysterious town incident.

Jordan: Crazy.

Shizuka: Are you perhaps visiting?

Jordan: No, this is actually my first day of moving here.

Shizuka: How long have you been aware of stands?

Jordan: Since today.

She looks back in shock. She must be a hard veteran to this stand stuff.

Shizuka: You should know that Stand Users are attracted to other like positives and negatives. You should watch your step. As many good users there are, many will use their abilities for bad purposes.

Jordan: Got it.

I take a good long look at her, she looks to be a woman in her early to mid 20's. She also has a flamboyant style in fashion. It actually looks pretty slick. She would be great friends to Joyce I bet.

Shizuka: If you don't mind, I can give you my contacts in case you see something bizarre. You know what they say, if you see something...

Jordan: say something.

Shizuka: Correct! Despite your quiet appearance, you can be outgoing when you want to! I can tell!

Jordan: Don't assume.

I gave my contact info and waved at her and left.

So, Stand Users are attractive to each other, huh? Good to know.

I returned my uncle's house to come home with a hard bonk on the head.

Uncle: HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT? I thought you were taught better.

Jordan: I was.

Uncle: *sigh* Just apologize to her.

Jordan: That was the plan.

I walk up to the second floor of the house and up to Joyce's room. I open the door to see a gloomy Joyce. Not a good sight to see.

Jordan: Heya.

Joyce: Hey...

Jordan: ....I'm sorry. It was stupid of me to go on a argument on something that was not your fault. I was just....pissed at myself. Despite how quiet I am sometimes, I can't control my emotions.

Joyce:'s okay. I knew you weren't upset at me. It did hurt yeah, but once I gave it some time I understood.

Jordan: You're a smart girl, Joyce. You'll go far.

I stand up from the bed I was sitting on. I stood right in front of her. I put my hand out.

Jordan: Let's start over! I don't wanna keep this on my conscience forever! Besides I would hate to go to school tomorrow with that in my heart. What do you say, JoJo?

She winks in surprise.

Joyce: JoJo?

Jordan: Yeah from the 'Jo' in Joyce and Joan.

Joyce: Same applies to you too, JoJo.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess. Shake on it?

Joyce: Shake.

We both shook hands.

I didn't tell her about the stand fiasco. She doesn't need to be concerned with it.

I have apparently have stand-like powers, but I didn't get to do too much with it. Jerk had me paralyzed. I'll figure them out one day. With Shizuka's help of course.

This was only the start of bizarre instances happening in the town of Bear Valley. I decided to sleep on it and get a fresh start in the morning.

This was only the tip of the iceberg.

Cɾαȥყ Cαʅιϝσɾɳια Cԋασʂ: A JσJσ Fαɳϝιƈƚισɳ


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