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This is more on how Brittany became friends with the clowns. *From my “Ghostly kiddos” stories.

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How Brittany became friends with the clowns

Eight year old Brittany stood in the carnival tent.

It sure sucked being dead.

Brittany was a victim of five demon clowns back in the 80’s and had haunted the carnival ever since.

The ironic thing was that when she was alive,shelovedkiller demon clowns.It was the kind of thing she’d brag about in school,to scare other people.She used to think they were so cool and awesome.

Until one night,when she dared her friends to go find killer demon clowns with her.They left and she was all alone.

They (the clowns) had appeared to her and told her to follow them.

Brittany did and….you can guess the rest.

But maybe they were still cool.

Even though they told her they didn’t want to be friends with a silly human and they legit brutally murdered her in an extremely gory way which is too dark to put in this story,Brittany thought it’d be nice to talk to them.

She was so alone andmissed talking to people.

Maybe she could try talking to them!

Yeah,she’d speak to them…

*I'm not showing Gacha Club photos.If you read my "Ghostly kiddos" story,then you know what the characters look like.

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