howdoestheskypour Rain, My Love

she was the bombshell blonde. the nightmare of a dream. the playboy's fantasy. but she was absolutely one hundred percent unlovable. even though she found it easy to fall in love. call her the wonderful miss ruptured marilyn monroe.

Thriller/Mystère Lucid Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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deleted scenes of the cutting man's drawer

the earth felt frozen. the sky appeared cracked— like an egg.

the sun was ruptured; broken, hurt... depressed of his own suicidal thoughts.

“what the sun took his life away? wouldn't he be taking all of ours with him?”

the indigo eyed creature didn't know the answers, but he knew the sun's pain. he was also very jealous of his life giver— why couldn't he have the ability to burst into flames? why couldn't he be the one who might someday be responsible for slaughtering the whole world with his vacance?

but no, the only thing his vacance could bring was absolute joy and the purest peace.

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