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After Poppy and Derek reunited Felicity with her son Damien, it was her priority to make her family human again. Well,as human as possible. Anything for them to be normal.. *From my story “Poppy McLain’s adventures”.

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Felicity makes her family human

A young woman named Felicity was just talking to two people named Poppy and Derek who brought her missing four-year old son,Damien,back.

They had a daughter the same as him called Carmen,who was with them.

They escaped a circus,meaning that Damien was trapped with them,too.

Poppy was a siren,Derek was a vampire and Carmen was half-vampire,half-siren.

The three of them left and she was with her family.

It appeared that Damien had been cursed to be a living,life-sized porcelain doll in a suit for the circus and she couldn’t even break his curse.

She was a powerful witch,too.

Felicity had a husband named Edward who was a zombie,a daughter named Ivy who was cursed to be a snake girlandPoppy and Derek brought another little girl over named Bronte,who had no home,so she took care of her.

Bronte was a witch,just like her.

Edward,Ivy and Damien were all cursed by a woman she didn’t want to speak of..a friend of Edward’s who betrayed them all..

…Now wasn’t the time to think about it.She had to give everyone human forms,to go out.

“Edward! Ivy! Come downstairs!” Felicity called out.

The two of them rushed in.

The second they saw Damien,they ran towards him and gave him a tight hug.

“Not too tight,he’s porcelain.” Felicity said.

They lightened their hold on Damien.

She turned to Bronte and whispered this question:

“Would you like to help me in a spell?”

Bronte nodded.

“Everyone-expect Bronte-join hands!” Felicity declared.

Ivy and Damien each took Edward’s hand.

Felicity and Bronte were across from them,holding each other’s hand.

“I now give thee human forms.”She said,looking at Edward and Ivy.

Just then,they turned into humans.

“Don’t get too excited,you can only turn into humans if needed.” Felicity said.

They turned back into their regular selves.

“So only if we go out?” Edward asked.

She nodded.

“Now,I grant you the chance to grow up,even as a doll.”She said,looking at Damien.

She felt some of Bronte’s power help her do it.It was weak,but she was helping,nonetheless.

“Wait,what does that mean?” Damien asked,curious.

“It means you won’t stay the same size when you grow up.You’ll keep growing.” She said.


Anything to keep her family normal..

*I'm not doing Gacha Club character photos. If you read my story "Poppy Mclain's adventures" then you know what the characters look like.

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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