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[TRANSLATION.] 🍵 : ❝Brief glimpses of moments between Harry and Draco that go completely out of canon, while trying to convince them to fulfill their assigned roles in the magical world + "Harry Potter and the Drarry Legacy" special.❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @BocaDeSerpiente. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: Seventy Chapters. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover is not mine. Credits to the creator/owner of this one. (

Humour Tout public. © All Rights Reserved

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—...some wizarding families are better than o- —Draco wrinkles his nose as a sign of displeasure, but contrary to what the others think, he drops his shoulders with an exasperated snort and begins to look around—. Why do I have to say this?

Draco, you just go on.

—No, it's just —another snort. When he looks to Harry for support, he shrugs his shoulders—. The Weasleys are poor, ugly, annoying-

—Hey! —Ron shouts at him from the other side of the set. He pretends not to hear him.

—... and obviously they're not perfect like me and my family. —he continues, raising his chin—. But this is silly, why can't I be more clever? I know I am, let me act like this. I'll say "My name is Draco Malfoy, but you can call me 'future husband', Potter."

That's not in the script! You just follow the script!

Harry is covering his mouth with one hand to disguise his laughter, his face reddening. Draco smiles, haughty and proud to have gotten that reaction. Beside them both, Ron rolls his eyes.

—But it's just I don't think we'll end up together in the script...!

You don't have to end up together, you have to get along badly! Cut, cut, cut! This isn't working!

The last thing heard is Harry's guffaw and an amused murmur from Draco.


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