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Ryan Morgan an american public defender, one day gets the news by a couple of cops that his brother Jacob has been arrested for murder. But could it be that Ryan's little brother Jacob Morgan is mistaken for a murder that he never committed, and the only way to find help is Ryan's prayers. But could God use Ryan as his own defender, and manage to help Ryan get justice for his little brother. Ryan and Jacob always grew up in a Christian home. But Ryan who is now the legal guardian of Jacob due to their parents have been sent to prison due to a massive crime. First Ryan had to defend his parents, and now Jacob? Ryan has been angry at God due to a bad reputation. It all was a blur, until God shows up on time.

Non-fiction Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

#nonfiction #crime #drama #mystery #suspence
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About Jacob & Ryan

“Jacobbbb!” I shouted from afar.

Jacob moaned waking up, and he knew it was already morning time, he looked at the alarm clock. I sighed, continuing to pour cereal in my bowl. “Ah,” I said, after spilling some milk on the kitchen counter.

I was trying to hurry up so I wouldn’t be late for work. “Jacob? Don’t you dare miss the bus again,” I said, shouting once again. Jacob sighed, grabbing his blankets and putting them to the side. “Jake?” I shouted one last time.

“I am coming!” Jacob shouted back. I sighed, eventually eating my cereal, and grabbed my coffee as well. Jacob stood out of bed after he had been lying there staring at the ceiling for a minute straight. I was in the dining room, and took a sip of my morning coffee.

Jacob sighed, pushing himself to the closet, he grabs a pair of jeans, a white underneath t-shirt. He grabs a belt, only the good Lord knows what he weighs and sometimes not even pulling up his pants can be quite a bit too much for me. Jacob’s girlfriend, Issa Miller, proves to be his girlfriend, when they were just in the ninth grade.

Now Jacob is going onto his senior year in high school. Jacob was taking a quick shower, and I had already taken my shower and getting dressed. I now raise Jacob as my own. He and I have a good relationship. Jacob and I have always gotten along. I love him like he was my own son. I promised my mother and father that I would take good care of Jacob if anything bad happens. But I didn’t expect for my parents to commit a crime.

I can think back to the day where my mom and dad used to be happy. I don’t know what happened, what made them want to hurt someone else. They were just lucky they weren’t sentenced to death. I was very young, so was Jacob. We were just a child, I didn’t know what to do after my parents got arrested. But the only one I have left was Jacob.

I always counted on my parents to look after us no matter what. I really miss them, I think about them all the time. But God, which I hope is looking after them. I’ll share with you my testimony. I grew up as a Christian, I went to church, studied the Bible, I even went to youth nights.

But I have been angry at God ever since I found out that my parents were arrested. How can a God I served just make me watch as a child see my parents go to prison. But just shortly after I had my parents taken away, CPS had come to take my brother and me away.

I prayed and prayed and prayed, until it felt like God had given up on me and my brother. People don’t understand what I went through, until one day a woman tells me to pray and forgive the ones who have hurt me. I was sent to a foster care, until I was twenty one, I moved out and got to live on my own.

I then found out on the internet where Jacob was at. He was at another foster home not too far from where I went. Jacob was sixteen, when I adopted him, and told him that I am now responsible for him. I love him a lot, I can’t lose him either. Now I am twenty three years old, and Jacob is eighteen.

Jacob will be starting college next fall. Jacob eventually came down the stairs and walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Morning,” Jacob said, softly.

I sighed, putting my phone away, after five minutes of searching through social media. I took another bite of my cereal, and Jacob walked into the living room and I guess he only wanted a piece of toast. “I got jelly,” I said. Jacob sighed, shrugging. “I don’t feel Ike jelly,” he answered back. I understood, taking another sip of my coffee and Jacob took a bite of his toast. I sighed, and I heard Jacob crunching his food. “Are you excited for your first day?”

Jacob chuckled, “I never really liked school.” I just looked at Jacob, and I took another bite of my cereal. Jacob is three things: sweet, kind, but most definitely dramatic. I can’t say he doesn’t have a selfish attitude, he can be a stubborn person sometimes. I have always given Jacob my respect for him. I would never mistake my own brother over our own parents.

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