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What if Clara Charlotte got visited by the ghosts? *From my “Twisted Girl” stories.

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Clara and the ghosts:ONE


It was six o' clock at night on Friday,February fourteenth.(Yes,it was Valentine’s Day.) Aiden Charlotte was lying on the couch with his sleeping wife,Monica,while she held their baby boy in her arms,Nicholas.

His six year old daughter,Cameron,was at his sister,Wednesday’s house.Her four year old daughter,Clara,was there and so were Wednesday’s friend’s kids.

Wednesday’s friend,Charlie,brought her seven year old kids,Jennifer and Emma,over too.

And her other friend,Amber,brought over her five year old daughter,Reagan over.

Wednesday and her husband,Josh,were on a date.Charlie and Amber were on a date with their husbands.Wednesday’s teenage daughter,Alexandria,was at the movies with her friends,Halsey and Jordan.

The kids at his sister’s house were being watched over by their parents.

Meanwhile,Aiden with his wife and baby,content as ever.


Four year old Clara was lying on her bedroom floor,which was covered in blankets,sleeping bags and pillows.Her friends,Jennifer,Emma,Reagan, and Cameron with her and her grandparents were downstairs,probably watching an adult movie.She didn’t care.

She quietly lay there,staring at the ceiling,thinking about how soft the blankets were and how cool it was to be sleeping on the floor,when,all of a sudden,she heard a loud banging on her window-


Clara and her friends rushed over to the window and saw an older woman in a blue dress banging it.Only,she didn’t look quite alive..

“I know her.That’s Josephine.She’s a ghost.” Clara said.

She spoke with ghosts,the same ghosts her Mommy said she spoke to and they were all different.

Josephine banged on her window.Prince Addams,the ghost of a Prince,well-

“Hello,girls.” A voice said behind them.

They turned around and saw a Prince,covered in rashes,smiling evilly at them.Clara never knew what he would do,but maybe she would find out-

“Stay away from them.”

Two bloody adults and one Queen,a woman in a red dress,a man in a suit and a lady in a blue dress was guarding them.These ghosts were her favorite.Their names were Mikayla,Andrew and Queen Clara.(The Queen shared her name! )They protected her against Josephine and Prince Addams.Also,Mikayla and Andrew let her play with their daughter,Fleur!

Josephine and Prince Addams disappeared,meanwhile,Queen Clara,Mikayla, and Andrew let the girls cuddle with them.Even Fleur joined!

At least Clara was safe with her friends and the other ghosts.

Characters in Gacha Club:

(Some pictures will show the ghosts with bloody wounds from their gory deaths.Be prepared)



Wednesday & Aiden's Mom:

Wednesday & Aiden's Dad:














Charlie's husband:

Amber's husband:

Prince Addams:

Prince Addams:

Mikayla (alive):

Mikayla (ghost):

Andrew (alive):

Andrew (ghost):

Fleur (alive):

Fleur (ghost):

Josephine (alive):

Josephine (ghost):

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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