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🥀The gang goes on a chaotic car ride to get some food🥀

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🥀My favorite meme is You🥀

Leviathan drives down to Mck~mamas alongside Kylie , sangria, Stony and hayley

"Ugh this is gonna take forever there is already a huge line" sangria says rolling her eyes

"Hold on to you're false teeth cause I can't see jack diddley"

Leviathan said hitting the gas

"AHHHHHH😨" Stony flew into the backseat

Hayley's false teeth came flying out and hit Kylie in the forehead

"OUCH🤕" Kylie said before Stony fell on her and accidentally pushed her face up against the window

"😱😱😱😱😱😱 MY TEEF

WHERE IS MY TEEF"Hayley flapped her gums

The car coming to a stop

"Their by sangria's feet" Stony said

"AHH!!!😱😱😱" sangria kicked them and shivered

"HEY !!! That's my TEEF you just kicked" hayley muttered as she put them back into her mouth"

"I never knew you had false teeth hayley"

Levi said looking around at them all

"Of course!! these teeth have been passed down from generation to generation

They were my great cousin loudarc's first pair"

"Well no wonder them things look as yellow as Rupert's toenails" leviathan said

"Are we gonna get food or what???"

Kylie said trying to adjust her face back to normal

"I don't think I'm hungry now , infact I think I'm gonna puk-"

Levi said before puking on his own jeans

"Better him than me!" Sangria said in a smart ass tone

"Hey sangria?"hayley said before spitting her teeth out again

"What hayl-" sangria only got out a few words before hayley shoved her dinghy false teeth in sangria's mouth

Sangria making aggressive movements and attempting to scream in the background

"Man...I love our car rides." Said Stony 😄

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