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***This is fanfiction for a Creepypasta called “Laughing Jack”. He was created by Snuffbomb. You can Google him if you want.*** Everybody knows the story of Laughing Jack.Everybody knows the angel responsible for creating him. But does anyone know the angel’s story? No. What if the angel was once an abused,forgotten,lonely human? What if the angel had one friend,just as desperate as she? What if the angel was only a young girl? What if?

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The story of Laughing Jack’s creator


Once upon a time,there was a young girl named Eloise Marie Lockwood.

Eloise had a very hard life.Her family had two girls before her,they were hoping for a boy,but when she was born,they were upset because she was a girl.

When I say they, I mean her father and her sisters.Her father because he wanted a son to teach “manly work” to and her sisters because they thought she would get all of the attention.

Her mother had loved Eloise for some time,but when she turned four,she died of a sickness.

Her father encouraged her sisters to make fun of her and abuse her and they did that.

But every time they hurt her,she just shook it off with a smile and a laugh,and that annoyed them that she was always happy in the face of trouble.

Later on,Eloise,overcome with sadness,ran away from home,where she met a young boy named Jack.

They became the best of friends and would always be around each other,they were running from the world.

Jack ran away because his parentswere abusive and rude to him.

They lived happily together,without cares in the world.They were nomads.

Jack always made her smile,but he had a hard time taking things seriously.She nicknamed him:”Laughing Jack.”

When the two turned fourteen,a carnival came in their town,oddly enough,it was run by her father and two sisters,they became rich and made the carnival.

Even though Eloise hated them,she still visited the circus because it was fun and it made her happy.

The two would play together for hours.Eloise realized that friends were really important.

But not all fun can be had.

Time passed and they became twenty years old,they still had no jobs and were often treated unfairly because they had no money and took nothing seriously.

Eloise’s father died and her sisters still hated Eloise for running away from them and being so happy and joyful whenever they hurt her.

So,they found Eloise and Jack in their circus and boy,they were mad!

They had guns in their hands and they shot the two of them.

After she died,they acted like she never existed and she was forgotten.

When Eloise went to Heaven,she became an angel.

She soon met God and realized that he had the power to create things.

Eloise did not accomplish much in her life on Earth,but she did learn the importance of friendship.

She heard Issac’s prayer one night for a friend and she wanted to answer it.

But when she told God she wanted to create a friend for him,God said that angels can never create things because they were once human and when angels create things,they let their human emotions get the better of them.

But Eloise did not listen and created a clown that would manifest candy and exist only for the happiness of Issac.

Soon,though,Eloise got upset,remembering her stolen childhood,the running,the hiding,she put all her hate and sadness on the doll she created.

Eloise knew that friendship was important and if the boy wanted a friend,he would have to be there for his toy,if he left him away for too long,his friend would lose his happiness and become a monster.

Finally,Eloise was done with her creation and she made a beautiful rainbow clown.

She named him Laughing Jack in honor of her friend.

“Now,go,my creation,guardian of children and if Issac fails to be a true friend,then you no longer have to protect children,you can kill Issac if you want.You can become Earth’s worst nightmare if Issac fails as a friend and companion.” Eloise said.

Then,she kissed the box and sent it off to Earth.


It was centuries after she created LJ.Eloise did not regret her creation,she loved him.The way she saw it,Issac failed in his duty of being a reliable friend.

As for the kids being murdered by him,she honestly didn’t give a damn.For years,she was on the run with her friend,Jack.They only shared little moments of happiness,but they were always in fear that their family would find them one day.

So who cared if kids died?! They deserved it for not being a true friend to LJ!

Eloise was no longer an angel,she got kicked out of Heaven and became a demon.

Eloise is not known as much as LJ,but it is said that she is now a demon that appears in the nightmares of children,often bringing LJ with her in their dreams.

Eloise did not like being forgotten,the last thing she would want is LJ to be forgotten.So she made sure that he would always be remembered.

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There are sixteen pictures.Picture #1,#2,#3,#5,#6,#7 and #8 will have scars/blood on characters)

(1#) Eloise (child):

(#2) Eloise (teen):

(#3) Eloise (adult) (ghost):

(#4) Eloise (angel):

(#5) Eloise (demon) (She haunts children's nightmares with Laughing Jack.Most don't notice her,but sometimes,some see her looming next to a circus tent):

(#6) Jack (child):

(#7) Jack (teen):

(#8) Jack (adult) (ghost):

(#9) Jack (angel):

(#10) Mr.Lockwood (young) (Eloise's father):

(#11) Mrs.Lockwood (young) (Eloise's mother):

(#12) Mr.Lockwood (old):

(#13) Lockwood sister #1 (child):

(#14) Lockwood sister #2 (child):

(#15) Lockwood sister #1 (adult):

(#16) Lockwood sister #2 (adult):

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